The Hainich, a jungle in the middle of Germany, is a high ridge in Thuringia. Enjoy the nature and enchanting landscapes during 
long walks or a bicycle tour. 

Since June 2011, the National ParkHainich with its beech woods belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. 

Experience the traditions of Thuringia, as the annual funfair or the Fountain Festival on the Popperöder source, wherschoolgirls with floral wreaths sink flowers. This  Fountain Festival exist since 1605 every year and the meaning is to thanks for the life-giving water. The Popperoder source with the renessaince-style fountain house is one of the most beautiful sources of Thuringia.

             Relax in the nearby swimming baths or Thuringia Spa.

 The kitchen of Thuringia invites you to revel. Find out, why Thuringia is world-famous for its meat and game dishes.