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Investing in your child's education is a wise decision for his or her future. This is particularly true for students with learning differences. The earlier a student can receive support, the better the foundation on which to build a lifetime of success.

Bachman Academy provides academic support that is highly individualized to meet the needs of your child's specific learning difference. With an average student#58teacher ratio of 5#581, students receive one-on-one attention in every class. Social skills and character-building skills are integrated throughout the academic day and reinforced in dorm life.

Even with such individualized attention, we strive to keep our tuition affordable. We also offer various financial resources for those who qualify. Please refer to "Affording Tuition."

Tuition for 2013-2014

 Full Boarding  $49,750
 Five-Day Boarding  $42,000
 Day     $20,500

For international tuition, contact the Admissions Office.

For a full break-down of tuition and fees, please refer to our Financial Detail sheet.

Affording Tuition

There are several options for families who need financial assistance. Consider how one or a combination of these options might work for your family:

Financial Aid
Bachman Academy offers a limited amount of needs-based Financial Aid each year. Families who qualify can receive up to 30% of tuition.  Please read the Financial Aid Policy for more information about applying for Financial Aid.

Payment Plans
Bachman offers several payment plans to assist parents by discounting tuition or by deferring the bulk of tuition:
  • 1 payment in full (3% discount)
  • 2 payments (1.5% discount)
  • 10-month plan (no discount)
  • 12-month plan (no discount)

Many families find that a private k-12 education loan is the right vehicle for affording tuition. While the Academy does not endorse any one method, we can offer a few starting points for looking into this option:
Article: Affording Private School
Website: Your Tuition Solution

Educational Advocacy
In some states, the law requires local school systems to provide tuition if the school system is unable to accommodate a student's special needs. This can be a lengthy and involved process, but it might be an option worth researching. Click here for links to educational advocacy resources.

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