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Lilies And Roses Bouquet

lilies and roses bouquet
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lilies and roses bouquet - Michal Negrin
Michal Negrin Earrings with Roses Bouquet Print, Dangle Lily, Pink and Green Beads - Hypoallergenic
Michal Negrin Earrings with Roses Bouquet Print, Dangle Lily, Pink and Green Beads - Hypoallergenic
Wonderful earrings designed by Michal Negrin from her New 2011 Collection - Hand-made in Israel. The earrings are well-crafted, decorated with roses print and dangle lilies - hypoallergenic. This unique item has the Michal Negrin signature and comes to you in the original Michal Negrin gift box, along with the Michal Negrin card.
We are also happy to remind you that all Michal Negrin items carry a life-time warranty. So if you have any broken Michal Negrin items, we will repair them for you at no cost (even if you purchased those items from another seller).
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Rose Bouquet
Rose Bouquet
Pink rose closeup from my sister's wedding bouquet. Canon 50d 18-200mm Lens, 200mm Focal Length f5.6, 1/25sec, ISO 100, EB -1
tropical tear drop side
tropical tear drop side
Bright Tropical Teardrop with maroon callas, pink orchids, red roses, pink roses, and orange tulips.

lilies and roses bouquet
lilies and roses bouquet
Flowers by 1800Flowers - Fall Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet
Transform harvest celebrations into black-tie events with our opulent bouquet of long-stem orange roses and red roses, paired with six elegant white Calla lilies. A sophisticated surprise for any Autumn occasion. Six long-stem orange roses, six long-stem red roses and six exquisite white Calla lilies, gathered with fresh ruscus to create a simply stunning Autumn bouquet Flowers will arrive in bud form, ready to bloom into full beauty Picked at the peak of perfection from our select floral farms Shipped overnight to ensure freshness Add more elegance with: