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Canada Flower Delivery

canada flower delivery
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SCHEDULE YOUR DELIVERY DAY! Sweetheart Chocolate Rose Candy Bouquet - 1 Dozen Red Chocolate Roses in a Gift Basket
SCHEDULE YOUR DELIVERY DAY! Sweetheart Chocolate Rose Candy Bouquet - 1 Dozen Red Chocolate Roses in a Gift Basket
Love is like a chocolate rose... beautiful and sweet! Show her how much you care by presenting one full dozen of these foil-wrapped, rich Milk Chocolate Rosebuds beautifully arranged with care in a flower bucket, tied with a bow and a personalized gift message from you to convey your heartfelt wishes of love.

WARM WEATHER SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS This item contains chocolates susceptible to melting during warm weather. 2 Day Air shipping is required at checkout , no additional charges will apply for thermal protection and ice if necessary. We cannot ship this item Wednesdays, Thursday, or Friday as carriers do not deliver on weekends, leaving your gift to sit in hot warehouses over the weekend.
If you purchase this item Monday: Your item will arrive by Thursday
If you purchase this item Tuesday: Your item will arrive by Friday
If you purchase this item Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday: Your item will ship Monday with delivery by Wednesday.

HOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR DELIVERY DAY: Use the box in the top right corner to select your desired delivery day, this must be completed BEFORE adding the item to your shopping cart. If no day is selected, your gift will ship via Expedited 3 Business Day. Standard ground delivery is not available with this listing.

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Western/Lance-leaved Spring Beauty / Claytonia lanceolata
Western/Lance-leaved Spring Beauty / Claytonia lanceolata
Guess I forgot to upload this macro photo of a small Spring Beauty wildflower, taken on Plateau Mountain on July 2nd. This plant is native to Alberta. "Claytonia lanceolata is a species of wildflower in the purslane family known by the common names lanceleaf springbeauty and western springbeauty. This plant is native to western North America as far south as New Mexico where it grows in foothills up to alpine slopes." Holy smokes, just had a phone call to say that the 12 boxes coming from England will be delivered this afternoon! I was expecting at least a few days' notice, ha! Sounds like the delivery people are only allowed to carry boxes inside a place, not down to a basement - they have a 2-step limit! Really hoping that they can be persuaded or that at least a few of the boxes will be light enough for me to carry/slide down the stairs myself! I can just see the people who come to replace all they windows and the front door and patio door having to manoevre their way around this pile of boxes if they are stuck in my living room! 12:30 p.m.: all 12 boxes of sentimental belongs of my brother and my parents are now safe and sound down in my basement! Smaller than I was picturing (which is good), but the delivery guy said that certain boxes were VERY heavy! He was absolutely prepared to take them down to the basement for me - said he wouldn't dream of leaving them in my living room - for which I am truly thankful : ) Now I just have to go through the very emotionally exhausting task of unpacking, little by little.
gm 15601 Bidwell Street Flower Girl, Vancouver 1971
gm 15601 Bidwell Street Flower Girl, Vancouver 1971
Girl waiting for flower deliveries at 962 Bidwell Street in Vancouver, BC 1971. I have no idea who she was. I wish that my pictures of people that I actually knew turned out as well as this one.

canada flower delivery
canada flower delivery
Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Teff Flour, 24-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)
This highly nutritious whole grain flour is made from the smallest grain in the world. Compared to other grains, it has a much larger percentage of bran and germ so it's a very good source of dietary fiber, protein and iron. Teff flour has long been a nourishing staple of highland Ethiopians. Now, you too can enjoy its light, unique flavor and bountiful nutrition. Gluten free. Bob's Red Mill products labeled gluten free are batch tested in our quality control laboratory. We use an Elisa Gluten Assay test to determine if a product is gluten free. All natural. 100% Whole grain, excellent source. Friend of the heart. All natural.