Blue Silk Wedding Flowers

blue silk wedding flowers
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blue silk wedding flowers - Blue Patterned
Blue Patterned Woven Silk Tie Hanky Cufflinks Gift Box Set dodger blue gift man Pointe Tie PH1145
Blue Patterned Woven Silk Tie Hanky Cufflinks Gift Box Set dodger blue gift man Pointe Tie PH1145

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, FashionOn is a multichannel online retailer and wholesaler with huge range that has a strong focus on fashionable men??s and women??s accessories, including ties, bow ties, cufflinks, vest sets, hankies, suspenders, cummerbunds, money clips, necklaces and bracelets.

FashionOn has a philosophy of continuous service improvement, which is supported by a consistent program of seeking new designs to be grouped into our brand group, which includes FashionOn, Y&G, Brian Boss, Pointe, Wise, Dan Smith. This is designed to lay a platform for future growth.

We work closely with manufacturers to bring you a variety of unique choices, at prices that fit every budget. New accessories are added monthly and the designs available are constantly updated. With around 15000 designs in stock, our products have adorned thousands of grooms at wedding, and are best gift for birthday, Christmas and all events.

Pointe Tie a cufflinks and Hanky set brings you a sleek and minimalist look in neckwear this season. With a woven texture, constructed of silk, this men's necktie is handcrafted with great colour and design. Every detail is perfected and exemplifies the quality and value that Pointe Tie, cufflinks and Hanky set is proud to capture. Each necktie from Pointe Neckwear is handmade, providing a touch of extravagant splendor for anyone who welcomes exceptional neckwear.

Material: ***** (4.5)
Quality:***** (5.0)
Style:***** (5.0)
Overall: ***** (4.5)

Please check all items from Men's Fashion. If you would like to purchase certain quantity of this item without enough stock showing, please contact us.

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tiff's lace wrap
tiff's lace wrap
the bride decided she wanted to mix two of my previouse designs, the lace magnolia and the aquatic wrap. the bride and groom are both of swedish decent so they had a sweden theme thus the blus and yellow, cake is wrapped in blue satin and lace panels then yellow satin string is wrapped around, white choc berry mud in 10" x2 and 7" tiers flowers were silk supplied by the bride, she also used these as her boquet this was supposed to be my TD cake this week bu ti forgot the no ceramic topper rule so submitted another cake from this weekend instead
This wonderful bouquet is perfect for a garden wedding. The cottage flowers are hand tied in a sweet mix that will make you smile. Even though they are silk they look as though you walked out to grandma's garden and fresh picked them. I combined them with tiny Ranunculus and light lavender sylvia with bear grass to keep it airy. It is accented with (very) vintage lace,satin taupe ribbon and topped off with a little vintage blue and silver gem. It will take care of both "Something blue and Something old"

blue silk wedding flowers
blue silk wedding flowers
Cathy's Concepts Silk Wedding Garter with Rhinestones, Blue
One of our most anticipated garters to date, the Silk Wedding Garter with Rhinestones in Blue is the perfect combination of understated elegance and well executed glamour. Fashioned in the softest silk, it is delicately complimented with a sweetly tied bow, bedecked in glitzy rhinestones... making it an ideal symbol for "tying the knot!" And because this high fashion garter looks as good as it feels, every bride will gladly sport it through the entire day until it's time for the traditional toss! Available in White (search for 3063W), Ivory (search for 3063I) and Blue. Includes a free tossing garter.Details:Size: One size fits mostMaterials: Silk and rhinestones