Reviews & Endorsements

Read what corporations, the military, universities, churches and nationally touring headliners are saying about Matt Baca:
"Long-timers thought this was the best holiday party ever. Matt is an on-the-ball, quick witted, savvy entertainer, and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a great option for a a very enjoyable group activity. In addition, Matt was very easy to work with and able to accomodate us on short notice." 
Hugh Halter, International Touring Speaker and Author, Adullum Church
"We asked Matt to host a gathering of 200 people. With casual proficiency, appropriate understanding of the context, and a naturally whimsical presence, Matt made our event sing!  We would highly recommend him for any event where you want your friends and co-workers to leave with a sense of thankfulness and community."
Comedy Central's Craig "The Lovemaster" Shoemaker
"Ordinarily I bring my own opener because I want to avoid having people on the show who will not appeal to my audience's taste. I was so pleasantly surprised when Matt Baca was the feature act for a recent performance at the Vilar Center theater in Beaver Creek, CO. It was  refreshing to see someone so clever, intelligent, and engaging, take a cold audience and turn them into his within seconds. I enjoyed watching him work and the crowd dug him from beginning to end. Maybe he'll let me open for him someday?" 
Department of the Army, 409th Engineer Company
"Mr. Baca had a great enthusiasm and was very excited to entertain the soldiers. I highly recommend Mr. Baca for the Armed Forces Entertainment tour."
Program Coordinators, University of Colorado at Boulder
"Matt Baca did a great job connecting immediately with our international students!  He was able to draw them into cultural jokes about the US and made frequent reference to their own cultures based on his own experiences living abroad.  His humor was self-deprecating, and his gestures and facial expressions held the students' attention.  Matt had fined tuned his presentation for our particular crowd, and they benefited from his efforts.  We would highly recommend Matt for any presentation with students at a university."  
A partial list of corporate clients include: