Motivational Talks

An in-demand motivational speaker, Matt draws on his deep experience in both the business sector and entertainment business, and can speak to your organization on a variety of topics, including:
General talks:
Life Lessons from Hollywood

Life Lessons from Acting

Life Lessons from Stand-up Comedy

Using Humor in Your Organization

Using Humor in Your Company’s Training Program

Designing Engaging Learning Programs


So You Wanna be an Entrepreneur?

Top 10 Men’s Issues

Astrological Signs as Addictions

Emotional Intelligence in the Workforce

Managing Cross-Culturally

Or Customized for your Organization.

Comedy Clubs
Corporate Events (corporate humorist, emcee/host, roaster, etc.)
College & University Events
Conferences & Keynotes:
  • How to Re-brand the Brand of YOU!
  • Diversity & Inclusiveness Training
  • Stand-up Comedy in the Workplace
  • Improv Techniques for Creativity & Teambuilding
  • How Humor Translates Across Cultures
  • Emotional Intelligence 101 

Matt has a wide array of comedy material that is guaranteed to please a wide variety of audiences. 

His backgrounds in corporate training and development as well as teaching ensures a connection with his audience, whether at a Fortune 500 company, church, or college.
You can email Matt at

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