October 2007


Happy Halloween to all our friends and family!!!

Logan's first candy bar

Daddy's Ball Park Frank

Mommy's little hot dog

Sean and his friend, Fillipe

The boys

Our pumpkins - Can you guess who made each one?

From left - Logan (in spirit), Jim, Sean and Renee



We really do plan on updating the page more often and promise to do a better job in the coming months. A lot has happened this past month to keep us all busy. The biggest news is that my (Renee) mom, Granny K, has moved from Spokane to Mount Vernon to be closer to Logan. She retired from the City of Spokane where she was an Accountant for the past 15 years to take a job with the City of Burlington as an Account Specialist. She is staying with us until her house sells so for now we have a live-in Grandma. Pretty exciting!

Jim and I both had birthdays this month as well. We are now 28 and 29 respectively, officially putting us in our late twenties. I think we are handling it pretty well. Life is good.

Sean has been keeping busy. He started his freshman year of high school this fall and is doing really well so far. His grades are exceptional and he seems to really like his classes. He also started getting a little extra tutoring at Sylvan Learning Center where he works on reading and writing. He is currently a little behind in those areas, but is making great strides to improve. He is taking it seriously and it really seems to be helping. We hope he will be all caught up by the end of his freshman year. Also, he started a Tae Kwon Do class. It is something he has talked about wanting to do for a while. He goes three days a week and really likes it. He is always practicing his kicks and talks about it a lot. We think it will be a good thing for him.

Logan just had another birthday. He is now 5 months old. This past month has been pretty exciting for him as well. He is now 21 lbs. 6 ozs. and 26 inches long. We started him on a little rice cereal which he really likes even if it is messy.  He also seems really close to teething. We can see the teeth just below the surface of his gums on the bottom. He is increasingly aware of what is going on and doesn't like to be left out. If we are at the table eating dinner, he will holler from his exersaucer until we go pick him up and bring him to the table. He finds the dogs fascinating. Anytime they are near him he stops what he is doing just to watch them. If they are near enough, he will reach out to grab them. I'm sure as soon as he is mobile he will be chasing them everywhere.

Daddy annd Logan going for a run

Yummy rice cereal

The bath montage

The ExerSaucer montage