November 2007


Happy Thanksgiving to all! We hope your holiday was full of family, friends and good eats. We spent time down in Bothell with Jim's family. We had a great time visiting with family and eating all the wonderful traditional Thanksgiving food (a big thanks to Monica and Helen for putting it all together). On Friday my brother, Kevin, and his girlfriend, Laci, came for a visit from Spokane. It was a very fun visit for them. They came to see Logan and now that he is a little older, he is much more interactive.

He just had his six month birthday and is changing everyday. I started going to a mommy group with Heather Wildenberg (of Russ and Heather Wildenberg) and her three month old daughter, Olivia. There are lots of babies in the group and some are older then Logan. He was amazed just watching the other babies move, sit up, roll over, crawl, etc. Something just seemed to click for him and you could see him processing the fact that he too could do those things if he just figured out how. He has been sitting up pretty well on his own for a while now but since going to the group he has started to roll over. He hasn't quite figured out how to get his arms out of the way on his own, but he is trying. He has also gathered an arsenal of new expressions. They are a crack up and keep me laughing throughout the day.

Silly Face

His favorite new expression

Smilely guy in his turkey shirt

Turkey coma

Playing with Uncle Kevin

Too much playing




Just an FYI update.... two days ago Logan finally broke skin on his first tooth. It is his front left bottom tooth. The right one shouldn't be far behind!!!! We'll keep you posted.



Good luck this weekend to our fellow Western Washington University mens crew Alum who are rowing in the Head of the Lake regatta in Seattle!!! Leave UPS in your wake!



Logan has learned the sippy cup already. One day he kept watching me drink out of my water bottle and was reaching for it so I put the lid on and gave it to him to see what he would do. To my amazement, he wrapped his pudgy little fingers around it and brought it to his mouth. He not only knew what to do with it, but he could do it himself. After that I thought a little water from a sippy cup wouldn't be such a bad idea. After all, he earned it!