The past few days have been fun.  We have watched Logan start to become more interactive and be awake more often.  We have had a few guests over and enjoyed sharing our son with them.  We are looking foward to Logan's first trip into the doctor tomorrow, on his one week birthday, and then a trip up to Bellingham later this week.




Last night Mommy gave Logan his first bath and got some quality snuggle time with him while he recovered from the new experience.

The family came up today and had lunch with us.  For many of them it was their first time meeting Logan so they did not want to put him down.  They were kind enough to let Renee and I have some quality time with him though.

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 While Logan and mom sleep a bit this afternoon I am able to add some more photos.  Hope you all enjoy them.

More Hospital Pictures

Pictures From Home

On another note we wanted to show off Sean's bright pearly white smile.  According to Sean, after way to long it is nice to have the braces out of his mouth. 



Logan is now home and loves his new room.  Reggie and Pedro (the dogs) are very intrigued by him and are learning fast that they are no longer on the top of the pyramid when it comes to our attention.



We welcomed Logan James Warrick into the world yesterday at 6:48 AM.  Logan weighed in at 9.2 pounds and 20.5 inches long.  Renee and Logan are both doing great.  We can't wait to intruduce Logan to you all.  Renee and I want to give those of you who helped out during labor, both at the hospital and at home, a huge thanks.  You all helped in achieving a beautiful day for Sean, Renee, and myself.  Thanks again.

More Pictures from the hospital...



Today we got to see our son, no he did not come, we went for the ultrasound.  We saw some good pictures and learned more about him.  We found out that we have a healthy 10.2 pound baby just waiting to come out.  Hopefully he'll be here soon.

More Ultrasound pics



Today was our weekly appointment.  No new developments, still at a 2 but having some good contractions.  The doctor has ordered us in for another ultrasound on Thursday... stand by for the results.


Renee's progress the past 9 months


Baby's new room