March 2008


We went to the doctor today for a check up and Logan is now 25 lbs and 29 1/4 inches long. He has really grown and changed as he creeps up on his 10 month birthday. He started saying his first word - ah oh! It's really cute. He drops food from his high chair or drops a toy and he'll look down for it and say, "Ah-oh." He has actually been saying it for about a month, but wasn't using it in context until just recently.

He has also finally starting moving around in his crib during the night. Until recently I haven't had to take the bumper out of his crib or worry about any toys or blankets because I would always find him in the mornings just the way I left him the night before. Not so anymore. Now I find him flipped over, on his side and sometimes with his head where his feet used to be. He can now pull himself to his feet pretty easily and is starting to attempt cruising. He still doesn't crawl and I often wonder if he will be a baby who walks before he crawls. We'll see.

The funniest thing that he has started doing is that every time we try to take his picture, he does the Ultra Smile. You can usually only get one shot off before he poses. It is hilarious and makes for the cutest pictures. 

A silly montage of the boys