June 2007



Happy Birthday Logan!!!

A month has gone by like a blink of an eye.  It feels as if it was just yesterday that we brought him home for the first time.  Logan has had many trips since the last update.  Walking around the mall, going to Lowes with Daddy, out to dinner for father's day, down to Seattle to see friends, to Sean's 8th grade graduation, he is quite a busy kid.  We still can't believe how lucky we are to be his parents.

Enjoying a nap on Auntie Erin

Bath time with Mommy

Logan enjoying the view from the Warrick Family bassinet

Logan's point of view, what a crazy brother in the back.

A day to be proud and happy.  Aunt Diane enjoying some time with her nephew as she watches her son, Sean, graduate from 8th grade.

The 8th grade graduate, who happens to now have a driver's permit.  Call before you come close to Mount Vernon to make sure he's off the road.

Logan and Mommy sit with Leslie and her fourth daughter Scarlett.

The two babies.  Logan 4 weeks old, Scarlett 48 hours old.

Friend's, Russ and Heather, come to visit Logan.  They are due in August with their first. 

Logan visiting with honorary Grandpa Madden

Proud Auntie Erin.

Hanging out with Daddy


Today was a day of firsts.  Almost three weeks into life and as every day goes by we are amazed by the differences each day brings.  Who would have thought that baby spit up and pee could make one so excited.






Today was a big day for Logan, a day any male never forgets.  Another trip to the doctor, many screams and tears later all is well.  Logan has enjoyed the weekend with Papa Gene and Grandma Saundra and is already attempting to encourage Papa to make many more trips over from Spokane this summer, we'll have to wait and see how his baby charm rubs off on Papa.



Some more photos of the past few days.  Logan has been enjoying all his time spent with Granny K, Uncle Kevin and all of the other visitors he has had.  Logan can't wait to meet Papa Gene and Grandma Saundra this weekend, he has heard lots about them.

 Our niece, Jenny, also had a baby this week.  To her favor she only had her for one night and then got to return her to her 8th grade class.