July 2007


Logan had his two month birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!  A lot has happened sine the last update.  Logan made his first trip to Spokane, Logan started running, Granny K came over for a visit and much, much more.



Tomorrow Logan is headding to Spokane for the first time, we'll see how he does on the trip over.  Logan is enjoying the summer heat and is staying cool by sitting in his swing in front of the fan. 




Most people spend July 5th recovering from the 4th, in Logan's case he headded to the doctor for his 6 week checkup.  Currently weighing in at 14 pounds  1 ounce and 22.75 inches long, Logan recieved a clean bill of health.  The past few weeks have been fun filled with many people coming and going, many trips and walks, and projects around the house.  Logan is looking foward to his next visit from Granny K in a couple of weeks.

Mommy and Daddy with Logan

Enjoying some tummy time

Grandma Saundra rocking Logan to sleep

Papa Gene enjoying a lunch break

Logan and Daddy wait for dinner

Smiling up at Mommy

After looking for 6 weeks, he finally found it

Happy 4th of July!