February 2008




February continues to be a busy month. Sean turned 16 on the 15th. Happy birthday Sean!! To celebrate we took he and his friends out on Friday night to see the movie Jumper and then they came back to our house for pizza and a DQ ice cream cake. They spent the rest of the night playing video games and watching movies we rented from Blockbuster.  We also had all of Jim's family up here on Sunday to celebrate as well.

In the midst of all that, my dad and stepmom came over for the weekend from Spokane for a visit.  We went to the park and got Logan in a swing. He loved it. Logan is just coming up on his 9 month birthday. At his recent check up, he weighed 24 lbs and was 28 1/2 inches long. His weight is finally back on the charts in the 95th percentile while his height continues to be in the 50th percentile. He has started to pull himself up onto his knees in the crib and was able to get himself all the way up onto his feet once. He can stand holding onto things if you stand him up but he doesn't cruise although he loves to walk holding onto your hands.

Sean scarfing down ice cream cake on his birthday

Wheeeee!! (We tucked a towel behind him in the swing to keep him stable)

Walking through the woods at the park

Aunt Debbie gives Logan his first pickle

Look at me - I'm a big boy!

Portrait taken by proud Papa Gene

I love my Papa Gene


These pictures were taken during our January visit to Spokane. We downloaded them off of my dad's camera while they were here this weekend.

Cousin Sidney all decked out in Logan's puppy hat and gloves

Cousin Kate says "I wish I could wash Logan's hair" while helping me bathe Logan so, of couse, I let her. She did a very good job, not missing one single hair on his head.

Logan in his pretty pink bib playing with his Ken doll

Falling asleep with Grandma Saundra

Smiling at Great Grandpa Volland



Logan's front teeth finally came in enough that we were able to get a few pictures. It's hard to believe that he is already halfway through his eighth month. In addition to getting his teeth, he is now starting to wave bye-bye and clap his hands. He also has a new ultra smiley expression. It's hilarious!

The Ultra Smile - complete with closed eyes and scrunched nose. What a crack up!