August 2007


Logan is three months old today - Happy Birthday Logan! The past three months have been amazing. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful baby boy. He continues to grow and change all the time. In the past month he has started to baby babble, concentrate and focus on things, grab his toys and be much more interactive and alert. He wants to be around and involved in everything we do.

Our little cutie

Amazed by the crib toy he has recently discovered

What's that you say?

Picking out a poker hand with Daddy

Cliff holding Logan and his fourth daughter, Scarlett (2 months old)




We had a really good time in Spokane last week. Logan got a little heat rash on his cheeks, but other than that everything was great. We got to do a lot of fun things such as swimming, skiing, wakeboarding and tubing. We went to Silverwood Theme Park, Boulder Beach Waterslides, Laser Quest for some laser tag fun and Wonderland for go-carts and mini golf. We also had a bar-b-que at Papa Gene's house so that all of the family could gather to meet Logan. We had a great time introducing Logan to family and friends and hope to return for another visit soon.

Sean enjoying the pool

Logan blowing bubbles

The BBQ at Papa Gene's

Our family

The grandkids - Sidney, Sean, Logan and Kate

Four generations picture with Great Grandpa George Volland, 90 years old

Renee's Family - Top Row: Jim, Grandma Saundra, Papa Gene, brother Dave, brother Kevin, step-brother Rick. Bottom Row: Sean, Renee, Logan, niece Sidney, niece Kate, Rick's wife Kelli.

The boys veg out watching TV while Grandma Saundra cooks something yummy in the background

Granny K and Logan

Four generations picture with Great Grandma Inez Walker, 77 years old

Logan is excited to drive us back to Mount Vernon



Renee with Logan and her brother's, Dave (left) and Kevin.




Logan has made it over to Spokane once again.  We are looking foward to staying the entire week and introducing the entire family to Logan.

Enjoying the green grass with Daddy

Hanging out with Papa Gene

Sleeping on Grandma Saundra



Logan is now just over 10 weeks old. He went to the doctor this week and is currently weighing in at 16 lbs. 5 ozs. which is off the charts for his age!!! He is now 24 inches long which is in the 75th percentile. He is quite a big boy. We are heading to Portland and Spokane over the next week to visit Renee's family and friends. We are excited for everyone to be able to meet Logan for the first time. Here are some pictures taken over the past couple of weeks.

A little skeptical about bathtime....

....until Daddy shows up.

Sittin' in my new Bumbo seat

Hey Daddy that's my bottle! (and my hairline)

Super cool Sean and his paintball extravaganza!!

All the boys hangin' out together