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cheap marine t shirts
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cheap marine t shirts - Marine At
Marine At War
Marine At War
In 2001 I was twenty seven years old, and about to go to war in far off Afghanistan. Ten years later, I finally have told the story. Here is a true tale of Heroes and Villians, of Young Men fighting and dying for a pure cause-the defense of their country. I have been part of something truly great in my life, and now, I hope I can pass that experience on to you.

In 2001 I was twenty seven years old, and about to go to war in far off Afghanistan. Ten years later, I finally have told the story. Here is a true tale of Heroes and Villians, of Young Men fighting and dying for a pure cause-the defense of their country. I have been part of something truly great in my life, and now, I hope I can pass that experience on to you.

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0992 trickle
the 2nd installment: so here's the second installment... kind of late i know seeing we're now 3 cities ahead of this, but anyway... from putrescent phi phi we were herded onto the live cattle ship, i mean ferry, that was to take us to ko lanta. i'd tried to visit ko lanta in '00, but the sea was too rough being monsoon season. this time around the sea was like glass, and in fact i swear i saw someone skiing behind a longtail. perhaps it was the heat. i said it's been hot, didn't i? sweltering. anyway, not to be convinced by the touts on the boat, we independently found our own tuk-tuk driver and set off for some bungalows an embarking tourist had recommended. like ships in the night, gangplank aquaintances pass quickly, but can be very useful... anyway, we ended up at a cheap place (after paying 4 times too much for the ride, pun intended) on the beach with a surly innkeeper and some old wasted macbethian witches on the hammocks. ko lanta is shaped like a huge teardrop, and is probably about the size of phillip island, stretched. this place was about half way down, on the western (andaman) side. after a couple days lying about not achieving much except a tan, we decided to get off the posteriors and do something... speliology is usually conducted with hard hats, sturdy boots and powerful lamps. well, we had the lamps at least. crawling through muddy limestone caves on hands knees bellies in shorts t-shirt thongs was pretty cool, if slightly surreal to say the least. jo had a skirt on! accompanying us were a german/czech couple and their 7 yo son, christoph. if he can do it we could, so despite low levels of oxygen and stifling humidity, we made it. to enter the cave you had to climb a steep (like ladder steep) mountain, then enter through a slit in the rock. when you emerge, you've dropped all the height and emerge from the base of the climb. pretty cool. tiring of the grumpy manager, we moved south - to the last beach on the island before the marine national park. an absolutely gorgeous stretch of coastline, very much like lorne or broken head in it's layout, but with 30 degree water. we had the most amazing bungalow, cheap(ish) because of the low season and absence of tourists hotwater airconditioning. but the sea breeze blew through in the arvo, cooling things off considerably. the beach was mostly rocky, but had a perfect little break about halfway along, through which some nice glassy 3 ft swell rolled in - nice little waves to teach the english tourists to surf on. god or lifesavers help them when they get to tamarama or gunnamatta. we spent a great week at last beach, sometimes heading into town (a 45 min drive on unsealed roads) to stock up. feeling lazy once more, we headed up to the waterfall, tracing a winding creek upstream through the rainforest. unfortunately there hadn't been much rain, so while the "fall" was technically a correct description, " dribble" might have been more accurate. tiring of the good life, we set off for bangkok. more on that later.....
Southend on Sea, Marine Parade, August 1898.
Southend on Sea, Marine Parade, August 1898.
This is a postcard scan of Southend on Sea's Marine Parade featuring hundreds of people 'promenading' in their Sunday best outfits. The photograph was taken from the Pier looking east by Alfred Wire, a well known at the time Essex photographer 110 years ago in August 1898. I don't get to Southend too often so maybe somebody could attempt a 'then and now' ? (hint hint..) If you know the area though you'll know that the shop awnings along with their proprietors have long since passed into history..

cheap marine t shirts
cheap marine t shirts
Pyle PLMRKT4A 4-Channel Waterproof MP3/iPod Amplified 6.5-Inch Marine Speaker System
4-CH AMP Speaker System

This Pyle marine speaker system has everything you need to blast tunes at sea, including two pairs of 6.5-inch, two-way speakers; a 4-channel waterproof power amp; a waterproof iPod/MP3 adaptor; and a waterproof poly bag. The speakers feature high quality-polypropylene cones and 200 watts peak power to match the PLMRMP3A amp's output. The amp also includes an electronic crossover network, should you choose to expand your speaker system. The amp takes high- and low-level inputs, as well as an RCA line level input--so you can hook up your MP3 player using the included MP3 adaptor. And when things get wet, keep it safe in the included waterproof poly bag. Also includes a wired remote control for total control of your music from another spot on your vehicle.
Pyle PLMRKT4A System
This Pyle marine speaker system has everything you need to blast tunes at sea. Click here for a larger imagePyle PLMRMP3A Amplifier
The PLMRMP3A packs a surprising 4 x 200 watts max into a small form factor. Pyle 6.5-Inch Marine Speakers
Two pairs of 6.5-inch marine speakers matched to the power amp.
Pyle PLMRMP3A Marine Power Amplifier
Plenty of Power in a Small Package
The PLMRMP3A packs a surprising 200 watts max (at 4 ohms) for each of its four channels, surprising for an amplifier of its size--just 6.10 x 3.35 x 1.38 inches.
MP3 Player or Receiver Ready
The PLMRMP3A takes RCA line inputs and includes a 3.5mm-to-RCA adaptor, so you can plug in your MP3 player or iPod easily, for a quick and easy music solution. It also takes standard high- and low-level inputs from marine head units, so it can be used for system expansion. A simple two-way switch gets your input level set up for either option.
Protection Circuitry
For safety, this amp is equipped with power protection circuitry. An anti-thump turn-on and soft turn-on prevent any damage to your speakers.
Remote Included
This amplifier also includes a wired remote control, for adjusting volume gain.
Pyle 6.5-Inch Two-Way Marine Speakers
Two pairs of Pyle two-way marine speakers are also included, for a complete audio setup.
The speakers are constructed with high-quality polypropylene cones and suspension cloth surrounds, boasting 200 watts peak power and a white plastic enclosure to match most marine environments. Two-inch polymer cone tweeters take up the high-end.
Pyle PLMRKT4A Select Specifications
Pyle PLMRMP3A Marine Power Amplifier
Power Rating:4 x 100 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms
4 x 200 Watts Max at 4 Ohms
4 x 300 Watts RMS at 2 Ohms
T.H.D:< 0.05%
S/N Ratio:> 95dB
Channel Separation:> 65dB
Frequency Response:10Hz- 40kHz
Dimensions:6.10 x 3.35 x 1.38 Inches (L x W x H)
Size:6.5 Inches
Tweeter:2-Inch Polymer Cone Tweeter
Power Handling:200 Watts RMS / 400 Watts Peak
Frequency Response:80-20KHz
Impedance:8 Ohms

What's in the Box
Pyle PLMRMP3A Four-Channel Waterproof MP3/iPod Marine Power Amplifier, Two Pairs 6.5-Inch 2-Way Marine Speakers, Waterproof 3.5mm Stereo to RCA Adaptor, Remote Control for Volume Gain, Waterproof Poly Bag for iPod/Mp3 Player, Documentation