Where Fun Comes To Die T Shirt

where fun comes to die t shirt
    t shirt
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where fun comes to die t shirt - Allied 49035
Allied 49035 41-Piece SAE Tap and Die Tool Set
Allied 49035 41-Piece SAE Tap and Die Tool Set
When faced with them, stripped spark plug holes and mangled bolts and nuts are a pain, for sure. You can hunt down the right tap and die for the job in each instance, but it’s a lot easier and affordable to have a whole kit on hand and at the ready. A must-have tool set for pros and serious do-it-yourselfers alike, this 41-piece set lets you cut threads and bore taps quickly and easily with professional results. Precision machined steel construction ensures years of clean threads and taps. A selection of national coarse and fine thread sizes means steadfast attachments for years to come. --Brian D. Olson
What’s in the Box
Adjustable tap wrench, die handle & pitch gauge

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HAPPY MANUAL LEPE DAY! APRIL 17TH!  (his painting)
Before PARIS, before Hawaii, back in the late 1970's there was PV (PUERTO VALLARTA).. ADDA DADA used to back-to-back his vacation weeks so he could spend Xmess & New Year's in PUERTO VALLARTA. This was back when PV was still quaint & lots of fun. Come to think of it, back when ADDA was still quaint & fun...! Like when he was susposed to meet his pals, BERNARD & RUSSEL at a beach cafe for afternoon drinks. So ADDA is strutting down the beach in his red Speedos & a white t-shirt with the logo of the BOLT bar in San Francisco. The t-shirt has a HUGE black bolt across the chest with the point, well pointing to...err...the bathing suit. Well, needless to say, half the beach was staring at ADDA...so, ADDA took a plunge into the ocean and swam several yards to near the front of the bar. There he slowly walked out of the water onto the beach. Well, now the WHOLE beach was staring at the wet tshirt 'contestant'. ADDA sways, as only he can sway, up to the outdoor patio bar, and is stopped by a table not far from his friends. The gentleman then says, "I thought only URSULA ANDRES would ever be able to pull something like that off!" "Well, we are both Swiss.", ADDA responds. "We need to be vacationing on Lake Geneva and NOT here!", he chuckles to which his whole table laughs. As ADDA walks over to his pals, RUSSEL & BERNARD, he notices they are all JAW-DROPPED. They are all like, OH MY GAWD...WHAT DID HE SAY...I told them. Bernard says, "That was DIRECTOR JOHN FORD that you were talking, too!" Yes. It was fun to relax in the sun and come home with a super tan! There were lots of fun memories of the cobblestone streets & the wonderful fresh sea breeze. One PV artist captured the lovely city in his paintings. MANUEL LEPE had a nice gentle naive painting style that found many fans. ADDA visted his gallery often to buy cards. He met the artist several times. ADDA would send out MANUEL LEPE's angel cards for XMESS. (They would usually arrive around Easter in the USA!) ADDA dreamed of owning one of his sweet paintings. OK...so you have a clue to where this story is going, right! One learns with POSITIVE VISUALIZATION that one keeps there options open, and never put restrictions, be it time nor item requirements on one's wish. Sometimes, one has to wait. Wait a long time. As long as you believe it to be so, it will happen. (ok, the million dollar lottery is a little harder) This weekend, ADDA went to the JAPANTOWN CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL...Lots of photo ops and lots of fun. Of course, when ADDA was kinda tired, he wandered over to the SCARY THRIFT STORE. As you know, ADDA is NEVER that tired that he can't troll the finds at a thrift store! Since ADDA was in a photo taking mood, and the SCARY THRIFT SHOP is a goldmine of awful items, ADDA was having a field day! It was wonderful to find a door poster to photograph for his friend KAREN (pieplate). She takes wonderful photos of doors in PARIS and she gave ADDA a poster of her door photos. It hangs in ADDA's hallway. There were many awful paintings & posters to photograph. Rolling his eyes, as only ADDA can do, he comes upon the last framed poster. OH MY. It really looks like PV and it really looks like something ADDA has seen before...and its a painting...NOT a poster. ADDA photographs it...and puts it down ...for a second...he then calls his freind TOBY, the QUEEN OF EBAY, to please check the name...which looks like SEPE...no match, natch. Then she trys LEPE. BINGO! LEPE IT IS! There is a listing on EBAY...MANUEL LEPE for nine grand... ADDA purchased the THRIFT STORE painting for two ninty-five... err...that's two dollars and ninty-five cents! F JOSEPH LEONARD wrote: Manuel Lepe Macedo From Wikipedia, Manuel Lepe Macedo (b. April 17, 1936 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. - d. Sept 9, 1984 Guadalajara, Jalisco) Manuel Lepe was a Mexican artist who painted in a Naive style, painting mostly themes based on the landscape and townscape of his native Puerto Vallarta. Lepe was never formally trained as an artist, and attended only four years of primary school.[1] His paintings came to symbolize the resort town during the years that it was becoming popular as a resort destination. Lepe became internationally known, with exhibitions of his work in several US museums and galleries. He was named Mexico's national artist by president Luis Echevarria Alvarez in 1979. He died in 1984 in Guadalajara from a cerebral aneurysm. His workshop in Puerto Vallarta is preserved as a gallery and museum. Some of his works are on display there as well as at the Peter Gray Museum of Art on the Coastal Campus of the University of Guadalajara, North of Puerto Vallarta. April 17 is celebrated in Puerto Vallarta as Manuel Lepe day!
View From Golf Course
View From Golf Course
View from the Eagle's Bluff Golf course just south of Clarksville, Missouri. This was for my aunt's memorial service. We went to a very nice farm where we spread her ashes, as she wished. She didn't even want us to dress up super nicely, as she always hated doing herself, so we all came in black khakis and a nice shirt in stead of suits. There wasn't a funeral, we just ate lunch at the nice golf course restaurant, which had some delicious food. It was kind of like a family get together. My aunt died of cancer on June 3, 2009. We ate after spreading her ashes at the farm where the horses that she loved so dearly were buried. She loved animals as much as her family. The farm is a ways south of here, just north of Elsberry.

where fun comes to die t shirt
where fun comes to die t shirt
Irwin Tools 26376 76 Piece Machine Screw/Fractional/Metric Tap and Hex Die Super Set

Features and Benefits:
Combination machine screw, fractional and metric
Comes in a plastic storage case
Made inUSA

The Irwin Hanson 76-Piece Machine Screw / Fractional / Metric Tap and Hex Die Set includes sets of machine screw plug taps and 5/8-inch hexagon dies, fractional plug taps and 1-inch hexagon dies, metric plug taps and 5/8-inch hexagon dies, and metric plug taps and 1-inch hexagon dies. They're made to superior standards so you can accurately repair or create new tools, and come in a convenient plastic storage case.
What's in the Box
Machine Screw Plug Tap and 5/8-inch Hexagon Dies in sizes: 4 - 40 NC, 6 - 32 NC, 8 - 32 NC, 10 - 24 NC, 10 - 32 NF, 12 - 24 NC; Fractional Plug Tap and 1-inch Hexagon Dies in sizes: 1/4-inch - 20 NC, 1/4-inch - 28 NF, 5/16-inch - 18 NC, 5/16-inch - 24 NF, 3/8-inch - 16 NC, 3/8-inch - 24 NF, 7/16-inch - 14 NC, 7/16-inch - 20 NF, 1/2-inch - 13 NC, 1/2-inch - 20 NF; Metric Plug Tap and 5/8-inch Hexagon Dies in sizes: 3mm - 0.50, 4mm - 0.70, 4mm - 0.75, mm - 0.80, 5mm - 0.90, 6mm - 1.00; Metric Plug Tap and 1-inch Hexagon Dies in sizes: 7mm - 1.00, 8mm - 1.00, 8mm - 1.25, 9mm - 1.00, 9mm - 1.25, 10mm - 1.25, 10mm - 1.50, 11mm - 1.50, 12mm - 1.50, 12mm - 1.75; Pipe Thread Plug Tap and 1-inch Hexagon Dies in sizes: 1/8-inch - 27 NPT, 1/8-inch - 28 BSP; Threading Tools: Adjustable Die Stock - 1-inch Dies, Plain Die Stock - 5/8-inch Hexagon Dies, Adj. Handle Tap Wrench - Taps No. 0 to 1/2-inch, Two-in-One Tap Wrench - Taps 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch, T-Handle Wrench - Taps No. 0 to 1/4-inch, 16 Leaf Metric Thread Pitch Gauge, 18 Leaf Standard Thread Pitch Gauge, Empty Plastic Case.