Graphic T Shirts For Juniors

graphic t shirts for juniors
    t shirts
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Welcome to Junior's! Remembering Brooklyn With Recipes and Memories from Its Favorite Restaurant
Welcome to Junior's! Remembering Brooklyn With Recipes and Memories from Its Favorite Restaurant
Welcome to Junior's! is a nostalgic tour of Brooklyn from the 1930s to the 1990s with reminiscences and recipes from the legendary restaurant renowned for its rich and creamy cheesecake. Junior's holds a special place in Brooklyn, also home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Coney Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge. As well as a decade-by-decade history of the golden age of Brooklyn with wonderful photographs from the past fifty years, scattered throughout are memories and stories of how Junior's grew from its modest beginnings to its success today.
From the very first day Junior's opened its doors in 1950 on the corner of DeKalb and Flatbush Avenue Extension in downtown Brooklyn, three generations of the Rosen family have worked hand in hand to build their restaurant into one of the most popular eateries in the borough today. First Harry Rosen, then his sons, Marvin and Walter, and now his grandsons, Kevin and Alan, have worked tirelessly to create and continue a famous Brooklyn neighborhood tradition -- a family restaurant that commands loyalty from its customers, and one to which they return day after day.
Going to junior's is an event. It is a place that has become a home-away-from-home for Brooklynites over the years and is a popular destination for people from the entire New York metropolitan area. Today, just as on the day it opened, Junior's remains a quintessential Brooklyn phenomenon. It even looks remarkably like it did in the fifties -- bright orange booths that seat nearly four hundred, a glistening counter surrounded with diners, a busy soda fountain, and, of course, the bakery, brimming with all kinds of cheesecakes, homemade pies, towering layer cakes, and buttery pastries. Not only does Junior's stand for the best of ethnic, down-home fare but it also serves the best cheesecake in New York -- at the last count over four million slices each year.
Welcome to Junior's! is not only a memory book to treasure but a cookbook with over one hundred favorite recipes. From Junior's signature cornbread, matzoh ball soup, crisp fried chicken, cheese blintzes, and baked stuffed shrimp to its legendary desserts -- Junior's famous #1 pure cream cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, strawberry shortcake, chocolate fudge layer cake, and ice-cream sundaes -- these recipes allow you to re-create a small slice of Junior's right in your own home kitchen.

Baking quite possibly the best cheesecakes in the universe, Junior's Restaurant is a legend in its own right. Located in downtown Brooklyn, this home away from home has been wooing New Yorkers since it first opened its doors on Election Day, 1950. Three generations of the Rosen family have served up not only cheesecakes, but also a wealth of other diner delicacies, from Brisket Melt to out-of-this-world ice-cream sodas. Written by the sons of founder Harry Rosen, Welcome to Junior's combines slices of Brooklyn's history and culture with fascinating stories, and, thankfully for us, more than 100 recipes, including 7 for cheesecake. Of course, the real cheesecake recipes are a closely guarded secret, but the Rosens share a similar blueprint with us that ensures "you'll soon be experiencing the taste of ecstasy." There are no soggy graham-cracker bases here--just a lovely layer of light sponge-cake, which can be prepared in the home kitchen in five simple steps. Then, a bounty of cheesecake toppings are yours, including fresh blueberries, juicy pineapple, decadent chocolate swirl, and even pumpkin. Lest we forget what else Junior's has to offer, the Rosens share recipes for, among others, Baked Meat Loaf with Mushroom Sauce, French Fried Onion Rings, even Matzoh Ball Soup.
Junior's is much more than a diner; it is an experience, an urban retreat where good old-fashioned service still exists, where fantastic food is a guarantee, and where regulars and newcomers are all welcome. If you can't make it there in person, let Welcome to Junior's transport you there with words. --Naomi Gesinger

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Tagged! Tagged by Pen (the pen corner) & Jenn (sixtwentyseventh). Time for a little bit about me and a tagging for you! <3 Here are my 15! 1) I am married with two kids. My son, Truxton, is 7 and my daughter, Ava, is 3. 2) I went to college for graphic design. 3) I started collecting Blythes in 2007 but didn't really get into the hobby until last year. 4) I'm a sucker for guys that play the guitar...Dave Matthews, Keith Urban, John Mayer and Jack Johnson are all huge crushes of mine! 5) I absolutely LOVE music and listen to just about everything. I've been to so many concerts that I can't even count or keep track. 6) I'm a stay at home Mom right now but do freelance photography and graphic design projects on the side. 7) I can't dance. I totally suck at it. 8) I'm a book junkie. I love reading and have a huge collection of books (but only keep and collect certain authors) 9) I met my hubby when I was in junior high but we didn't start dating until after college. 10) I'm most happy wearing jeans and tee shirts and have always been a bit of a tomboy. 11) I play the piano. Or used to. I don't play often enough to really be any good at it. 12) Besides collecting Blythe, I collect OOAK fairies also. A hobby that both my mom and I share. 13) I was born and raised in Northern Idaho and moved back home a few years after living in the Tacoma/Seattle area for a while. 14) I always have to have some sort of pet. I've had dogs, cats, mice, hamsters, a ferret, lizards, husband thinks I'm a little crazy! LOL! 15) I just recently really got into gardening and canning veggies and fruit! And I love it! OK......tagging 5 flickr friends, I'm excited to hear your 15! Louisa Anita Kimberly Miranda Sara
Matt Hensley board graphic tattoo
Matt Hensley board graphic tattoo
One of my favourite skaters of all time, Matt Hensley (H-Street days, now Black Label) had this as his first board graphic. Good friend and drummer, Dave got this as his first tattoo.

graphic t shirts for juniors
graphic t shirts for juniors
Junior's Cheesecake Cookbook: 50 To-Die-For Recipes for New York-Style Cheesecake
Baking quite possibly the best cheesecakes in the universe, Junior's Restaurant is a legend in its own right. Located in downtown Brooklyn, Times Square and Grand Central Station in New York, this home away from home has been wooing New Yorkers since it first opened its doors on Election Day, 1950. And now, finally, they are willing to offer up the recipes that have had Brooklynites double-parking on Flatbush Avenue for generations. Included are 50 recipes for Junior's New York-style cheesecakes (all cream cheese, no sour cream, thank you, on a sponge cake crust), from the cheesecake that started it all (Junior's Original New York Cheesecake), to flavor twists like Banana Fudge, Rocky Road, and Pumpkin Mousse, to little cheesecakes meant just for one (called Little Fellas), to Junior's newest creation, Skyscraper Cheesecakes (think alternating layers of cheesecake and layer cake) in flavors like Boston Cream Pie, Lemon Coconut, and Carrot Cake. It's a cheesecake lover's delight!