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free flash t shirt designer
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free flash t shirt designer - YN-560 Speedlight
YN-560 Speedlight Flash for Canon and Nikon
YN-560 Speedlight Flash for Canon and Nikon

*Guide number:58 at ISO100, 105MM.
*Super speed of charging recycle:It only takes 3 seconds in charging after full power output. Even without new batteries, you can get the super charging speed that it only needs 4-5 seconds, you can completely get rid of the nightmare of anxious waiting for charging,. In addition, you can use the external power pack to accelerate the charging speed once more.
*Supporting high speed continuous shooting:Under the ouput level of 1/8 or below, YN-560 can support the 8FPS high speed continuous shooting.
*The Improved power saving mode:In the power saving mode, the flash keep sidle for 3 minutes and then it will setp into the dormancy state in order to save power. and it will automatically shutdown aftger keeping idle for 15 minutes. If you disabled the power saving mode, the power saving indicator will be on, the flash won't step into the dormancy state aftger being stopped. It will be automatically shut down after 30 minutes.
*The more fine output control: The adjustment range of YN-560 output level is 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, there are 8 levels of putput and each level has 8 ine tuning stalls.
*The automatic setting saving:It can automatically save your current setting.
*Overheating protection
*Maually set the zooming position:The coverd focal length of the flash will switch in circel of 14 / 28 / 35 / 50 / 70 / 80 / 105mm by pressing the button.

Advanced Application:
1. Fine tuning the out put power
2. Multi-flash Lighting Application
3. Buttons are effective immediately
4. The use of external charging box
5. High-speed continuous shooting
6. Rear-curtain Sync
7. Reflection Flash
8. Using the built-in Bounce Card
9. Using the built-in Wide-angle Diffuse

This item is 100% Brand New. Never used. It comes with 3 Months Warranty by Seller.

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The Bag Lady Papers
The Bag Lady Papers
A chronicle of personal financial collapse offers insight into a kind of loss that doomers harp on in order to get people to pay attention. Especially because it chronicles the story of a woman who is unprepared for such a loss and is betrayed by her trust in a certain outcome. The drama is in how such a woman of means reacts to the loss and recovers. The author does not reveal much about herself in the beginning. We only know that her money is gone courtesy of Bernie Madoff. Money that guaranteed not only her retirement, but her affluent lifestyle. It is the story of former wealth. The kind of wealth doomers don't have much sympathy for since it involves nice, expensive things appreciated by society people. Nor does she state her age; people are more sympathetic if you are closer to 80 than 40. Thus it becomes a psychological study. We discover what truly has meaning for this author. What does it take to feel secure? What kind of resource are wealthy friends if at all? And why do successful women still feel shadowed by the image of the bag lady despite being so well connected. As we follow on her road trip to Florida to sell off her vacation home, she flashes back to her youth when she lived in SoHo working on her art, funded by a day job at a fish market. But that is only the middle of the story. The plot thickens as she reveals that she had worked in publishing at Glamour and later Self magazine. Now we are in the territory of The Devil Wears Prada and The September Issue. The industry offers all the perks—a clothing expense, a large office decorated overnight to whatever style she decrees, free reading material, free designer outfits and the power to influence women. But she is not the soulless editor of Devil Wears Prada. She is redeemed in my eyes because this is her day job, not her passion or identity as a woman wielding power. She's good at it, but it doesn't feed her. She made her fortune by writing a book about how to make love to a man based on interviews with gay and straight men—another book followed; both became bestsellers though the topic pushes her way out of her comfort zone and her mother stops speaking to her. She did it to finance her life as an artist. It is that fortune that Madoff stole from her. Now I am outraged for her. A self-made woman who earned her independence has been screwed by a man she trusted. She polls her friends to find out what money can and can't buy; she makes lists of what she can live without (cut flowers) and what she can't (her hair colorist and crisp white shirts). She explores her feelings of abandonment as a child that have led her to the bag lady state of mind. She lets us into her state of panic, past and present. Slowly she regains her confidence by writing a blog about her predicament, then this book. It is a story of learning to live with less, but mostly it is about how money has made a certain kind of independence possible and the psychological cost of losing that independence. She also answers the question I have posed to my friends, but never got a satisfactory answer. Is it better to have had money only to lose it, or to never have had it at all? She confirms the former because at least having had money, you know what money cannot do for you. In the end, this may be the advantage we will have as a first world nation. When it becomes more difficult for the world population to build wealth because of diminishing resources we will already know what wealth and development didn't do for us. And it will be our struggle to discover what we can and can't live without and still thrive.
157/365 Honeycomb Grid for Flash Gun (30 degrees)
157/365 Honeycomb Grid for Flash Gun (30 degrees)
Honeycomb Grid for Flash Gun (30 degrees) for creating precise and direct light .. Fits onto front of flash gun via the Flash Gun Adapter (sold separately). Set of Multiple images (152 images for this photograph) taken at different focus distances to give this resulting image using the Focus Stacking (bracketing) technique. 144 images have shot on this setting: CameraNikon D90 Exposure0.5 Aperturef/1.8 Focal Length50 mm 8 images have been shot separately to get perfect exposure on the "Flash Gun Adapter" which was getting burnt due to the setting of "Exposure 0.5" so i shot them on "Exposure "0.2 sec (1/5)". Nikon D90 @ Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens @ SB 600 @ 24 mm @ behind the camera @ Triggered with on-camera Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 and a FlexTT5 on each flash for the Main Pic. Entire shooting time to shoot 152 images: from 7:49 PM to 9.05 PM Entire Focus stacking time for 152 images: from 11.30 PM to 2.20 AM Entire processing with Focus Stacking took 4 hours 40 mnts

free flash t shirt designer
free flash t shirt designer
Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash for Canon Digital SLR Cameras
Bringing a new level of versatility and capability to flash photography, the Speedlite 430EX II features a powerful flash (guide number of 141 ft./43m at ISO 100) with a fast recycling time in a compact, durable body. A one-touch quick-lock mechanism makes it easy to attach or detach the 430EX II from the camera and a metal foot has been added for strength and durability. Flash controls can now be set through the camera's LCD screen on compatible EOS Digital SLR cameras. The Speedlite 430EX II is also quieter, recycle time is 20 percent faster (as compared to the 430EX) and since it is compatible with Canon's wireless E-TTL, it can be used as an affordable "slave unit."