Transformer Toys Malaysia - Hot Toys For Boys 2011.

Transformer Toys Malaysia

transformer toys malaysia
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No Barbie or Transformers for these kids, toy and leisure are whatever they can find and use like this blown up bag which serves as a ball. It makes us wonder if we lose much in our imagination towards child play with all the modern playthings all ready made for us? I always wanted to do a photo essay on the subject of street kids in kota kinabalu at its ironic that i only managed to get about it now when i was there for a day when i had five years previously to do so. These kids comprise of both locals and foreigners particularly those from the Philippines and Indonesia whose parents arrive here through both legal and illegal means. Most of then are without citizenships and thus are not entitled to education, health and social benefits that we enjoy, in other words they live in limbo from day to day. Yet if you meet them they are just like any other children with the innocence and joviality that only children can possess. Most follow their parents who are traders here or act individually to serve as bag carriers to the myriad people shopping for groceries at the Kota Kinabalu Market, exchanging services for a few cents of coins which will likely be used to supplement their parent's meager earnings to ensure that they survive the day with food and shelter if any are to be had. These photos tell their stories and we may have to look at ourselves and question who is entitled to be citizens and who are the foreigners, particularly in Sabah.
Transformers Animated "the battle begins" (Mint in seal box) rejected no DVD
Transformers Animated "the battle begins" (Mint in seal box) rejected no DVD
Transformers Animated "the battle begins" pack (Mint in seal box). I got this version in Malaysian eBay. It really was mint in sealed box. But rejected from retail store 'cause it doesn't include the DVD. Only Optimus Prime and Megatron (both were Deluxe class) was included. Weird how they missed this one.

transformer toys malaysia
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