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Mail Order Toys Uk

mail order toys uk
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Metlex One: Ploblek. Pre-order package super bonus special!
Metlex One: Ploblek. Pre-order package super bonus special!

After many days of casting, spraying, sanding, cutting and folding, the 30 Metlex One figures are almost complete. The first ten of these are a special pre-order package, before the other 20 go out to a couple of cool online toy purchasing sites.

The pre-order packages come with Metlex One 'Ploblek' figure, box, infocard and badge, as well as a secret hidden special 1 of 10 figure, who's identity will be kept secret for security reasons.

There is in the overall 30 another secret figure, limited to 3, so there is a super lucky chance of getting 3 figures.

The Metlex One figure will be available for ?14.99 with ?1.50 postage UK or ?3 international.

This special pre-order package limited to 10 is available for ?25 (with postage as above) and will be sent out in a weeks time. If you would like one please e-mail me :

Also, if anyone would like a super custom commission version, with maybe a message etc included, please do get in-touch.
Dude, Where Is My Blu-ray?
Dude, Where Is My Blu-ray?
Amazon UK, or more specifically, the mail services between me and them, have lost my pre-ordered Star Wars Blu-ray box. Never happened before. I feel like I'm missing out on something, it's silly, I know, but annoying nevertheless. Explored.

mail order toys uk
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