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buy discount toys
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Jack’s Birthday (06-1979) #1
Jack’s Birthday (06-1979) #1
Here's a pic of me around June 1979 in my room and in front of my prized collection of Star Wars action figures. As any kid from back then, I was damned proud of tracking down these figures from whatever store I could grab them from. Note the "special offer" Star Wars Action Display Stand most of them are on. Looks awesome and I wish I still had them. Sadly while clearing out my childhood apartment with my brother and sister, I took all of the figures, put them in a bag and told my brother to give them to his son (my nephew). My brother took the bag filled with all of this stuff, and tossed them in the trash. Ugggh. My parents never threw any of my stuff out even after I moved out. Then this happens. Double ugggh. Will say that the Luke Skywalker figure was the very first figure I ever bought. Kept that separately from the figures that were tossed and gave him—and a Yoda—to my other nephew. He eventually lost them, but at least he got to play with them.
Free Hugs @ Union Square
Free Hugs @ Union Square
My Mr. and I woke up early today to get an eye exam. We both seemed to break/bend each others glasses so we need replacements. He went off to hang with co-workers and I really wanted to take pics with Minty today. I made the big mistake of forgetting him at the Mr.'s place though-- so I went to FP, where my friends work at and bought this colorwave. I got him for cheaps too, because of awesome employee discount. Oh snaps!

buy discount toys
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