Hand sketched portraits created by Artist
 Leanne Mcdonagh

 At Baby Sketch all our Portraits are lovingly hand drawn to great detail by Leanne, we can draw any type of portrait you want whether it be, your loved ones, friends or treasured family pets.


To order your Baby portrait, simply just pick out your favorite baby pictures (or images) and send them via email or post.
The quality of a Portrait is determined by how clear and focused the images are, so the better the image, the better the Portrait will turn out.
A Baby Sketch Portrait captures a precious and treasured time in your loved ones life.
After I have received your pictures I will get in touch with you to inform you how long it will take to complete. On average each portrait will take a 5 working days, as every portrait has to be completed as well as approved by the customer, before dispatching.  


There are number of finishes to choose from for example, Pencil, Charcoal and chalk.

The customer can also choose how the image is portrayed on the page, whether the background will be included in the final Portrait or not everything is at the customers discretion.