Come learn how to make tummy time fun for your baby through engaging songs and activities in a play-class setting. At the same time, your On the Grow™ Educator will provide valuable parenting strategies to help you make the most of this important stage of development. Available as a single class or a 4 class series depending on your location.
Ideal for babies 2 to 6 months 

Discover your baby's hidden talents! Learn surprising things your baby can already do and how you can foster these early abilities. This interactive parent and baby class will introduce you to insights from Drs. Acredolo and Goodwyn's best-selling book, Baby Minds, all in the context of fun songs and activities.

Ideal for babies 2 to 6 months

Did you know that vision is, in part, a learned behavior and not the automatic ability that most of us always assumed it to be? Like learning to grasp or crawl, controlling the muscles in the eyes so that they move together or focus appropriately takes practice. This class is designed to introduce parents and babies to fun activities that promote healthy vision development.
Ideal for babies from birth to 6 months.

Parents often worry about how to help their child adjust to the idea and reality of a new baby in the home. This class is designed to give children fun, developmentally appropriate activities that they can do with the new baby at home. During the class itself, children will play games, sing songs, learn a few signs, read a story, and make a special craft. In addition, parents will receive simple tips to help them promote positive sibling relations when they return home. 
Ideal for older siblings (ages 2 to 5 years old) 
and babies (expected to 6 months)