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Free Carpet Cleaning Pictures

free carpet cleaning pictures
    carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning, for beautification, and the removal of stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens can be achieved by several methods, both traditional and modern.
  • (carpet cleaner) foam or liquid soap used on rugs and carpets
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free carpet cleaning pictures - Activeion ionator
Activeion ionator HOM Portable Cleaner and Sanitizer
Activeion ionator HOM Portable Cleaner and Sanitizer
Activeion strives to protect the health and safety of all people, and foster a more sustainable world, by creating revolutionary, chemical-free cleaning and anti-microbial technologies for everyday use. The ionator HOM from Activeion is an easy-to-use, versatile appliance that removes dirt and kills 99.9% of harmful germs without the use of chemicals when used as directed. It's designed for quick and portable cleaning around your home, in your car, or at your office. You can use it to easily clean glass, stainless steel, marble, granite, tile, carpet, fabrics and more.
From kitchens and bathrooms, to bedrooms and playrooms--you can clean without leaving behind any chemical residue. With the ionator HOM, you will significantly reduce the repeated high expense, potentially toxic harm, and enormous packaging waste that come from using general-purpose cleaning chemicals.
The science inside the ionator HOM
The science inside the ionator HOM.
Using the ionator HOM
After charging the battery, just fill the removable reservoir with plain tap water, squeeze the trigger to spray the surface to be cleaned and wipe the surface dry with a clean cloth. Plain tap water is all you need as the ionator HOM technology requires some mineral content in the water to function properly. The relative hardness or softness of the water does not matter. The technology has the engineering "smarts" to sense the mineral content and will adjust appropriately to give you consistent cleaning and sanitizing performance.
How does it clean?
When the trigger is pressed, a slight electrical charge is applied to the tap water and the charged water passes through an ion exchange membrane to create an oxygen-rich mix of positively and negatively charged nanobubbles. These nanobubbles are electrically charged and attach themselves to dirt particles (think magnets). As the charges from the nanobubbles build up on the dirt particles, they separate from one another and break apart due to repulsion of like electrical charges. The dirt particles become suspended in the charged water—allowing the dirt to be easily wiped away. The nanobubbles stay active for approximately 30-45 seconds before returning to their natural state.
Germ-fighting power
How does it sanitize?
When used as directed, the ionator HOM kills the 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza A virus and more than 99.9% of most harmful bacteria like E. coli, VRE, Salmonella, MRSA, Pseudomonas, Staph, Listeria and E. coli O157:H7 on nonporous hard surfaces.
The core science used in the ionator HOM to sanitize is known as electroporation. An important tool in molecular and cellular biology for medical research, electroporation uses a low-level electrical field to disrupt cell membranes. The ionator HOM applies a low-level electrical field to the water. The water then carries this electrical field to the surface where germs reside, disrupting the germ’s membranes and killing them.
These images were taken with a scanning electron microscope and show E. coli and Staph bacteria before and after applying the technology used in the ionator HOM to kill them within 6 seconds.
No chemical-related health warning labels
Despite its harm to germs, independent laboratories have conducted extensive testing on this technology to international and U.S. standards to confirm that it has zero measurable detriment on skin, eyes, when ingested or inhaled. The data from these tests have been reviewed by the EPA for compliance and, as a result, absolutely no chemical-related health warning label is required for the ionator HOM.
Think physics, not chemistry
The science of electrolysis is over 100 years old, and the science of electroporation has been around for decades. Before Activeion, products incorporating these technologies cost thousands of dollars or were only available in specialized laboratory equipment. Activeion is the first to combine the science of electrolysis and electroporation into a small, handheld appliance available to everyone. Activeion’s technology does not rely upon any slight changes in the water’s pH levels and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) to clean or sanitize, nor does it add salt to create hypochlorous (a form of bleach water). It relies upon physics and electrical engineering rather than traditional chemical-based cleaning processes.
Simple. Smart. Sustainable.
The ionator HOM is designed to replace many of the general-purpose cleaners and some of the specialty chemicals people use every day, but it is not a miracle cleaner. As with other products, there may be big cleaning jobs such as heavy build up or entrenched stains that may require alternative methods. However, the ionator HOM is proven to be an effective general-purpose cleaner and sanitizer that empowers you to reduce the exposure you and your loved ones face on a daily basis to many potentially harmful cleaning chemicals.

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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Artist's Season's One
A Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Artist's Season's One
Four poems of 250 words each about the four seasons Winter Winter’s frosty reign opens cold but serene, Austere and clear, echoing across frozen lakes The death of the green and the living It seems, masked in ice crystals, sleet and snow, Shivering in the chill air, waiting and still A dark night creeping upon us in midday, Something gray and ominous and unwanted That steals our breath away and freezes it Unyielding and too strong for us to fight So we surrender to it and give in as it Dims our eyes with a storm of stinging white A cold embrace from an opened door That sends feet scurrying back within To seek a warm fire or loving arms But once more frozen in time, until One day seeing the beauty of a single snowflake, As it dances its way down to the snowbank Or witnessing black bare branches silhouetted Against a bluer backdrop that heads toward March, Its beauty and perfection jogs loose memories and we Realize the earth didn’t die and pass away into darkness, It just lay asleep, silently dreaming Nodding and turning over onto her other side, to wait For the resting time to rejuvenate soil and sky, Regenerating creatures too, bodies and souls alike The peaceful, silent days required to Make all things clean and pristine, culling The weak and those whose time was at an end Old feelings and old thinkings both alike Waiting for the proper time to start Thawing and repeat the process all over again, Winter, when all of life begins Spring Spring time earth soil warming slowly, root hairs Tingling, stretching out underground, prodding Earthworms to reclaim dark soil, as grasses’ roots Push their way to the surface in a burst of green So shocking it almost hurts the eyes after All the somber colors of the cold time, stark trees Put on new garments of fresh color, budding into flowers While far below tubers prepare to release the blossoms held within Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils with their pungent scents announcing Light and color has returned to the world, reflected in pools of rainshowers Let spirits rejoice with the woodland and the field, drinking in The rich jewel tones of red and yellow and purple, regal enough for any king To wear as proud plumage, like the birds that call, announcing their joy To mate and bear young, replenish the skies with new life as Flowers and trees and grasses and weeds replenish the face of the earth mother She is pleased and sends out her blessings and benediction, richness Overflowing as the flowers set fruit and the eggs are laid, Cubs and kits are born, the acorn forms in microcosm, and winter Becomes a distant memory, life is moving fast, a blur, quickly spurred By a rhythm that tolerates no delay, no pausing by the way, only The quickening of the earth and all its creatures, including us, We who would set ourselves apart from this cycle, but really Are as much a part as any other, observer, participant, and lover Summer Summer rolls in lazy and soft, her countenance hot and hazy From a distance, we doze, lying under laden peach trees sucking Rosy flesh from fuzzy skins, juices running freely down our chins While bees hum over our heads and butterflies alight to sip nectar Here in this wilderness garden a thousand plants bloom with abandon, Lantana with its prickly stems and golden heads of tiny flowers, Trails of white clover, perfect for threading into blossom Necklaces, crowns for our heads, bracelets, and rings, Our little fingers find, digging right down among the grass Hiding way down low, bright delicate strawberries Nestling there, from tiny nub to sweet luscious orb, sprinkled With tiny seeds that shine on the ripe surface sublime We plunder them too, more juices streaking our skins, Our leavings attracting the white doves who peck at the bitten fruit Then we spy not far away, over a low stone wall another delight With a thousand shades of red and pink and yellow The rose garden so tangled and wild, a faint path That winds through sun baked field heady and nodding With their spicy scent, the two, the fruit and the flower, Scarlet rose-hips nodding in rhythm while rose petals ruffle In rare breezes, here we can only look with wonder and breathe deep The perfume guarded by spiky thorns, stems too strong for surrender To young hands, they go free of our plundering ways and know They will survive the end of our pirate summer days Autumn Autumn unfurls carpets of bright wheat, ripening in fields Rippling proudly by strong northern winds snapping cold Sharp air that makes the chest expand with joy at being alive Relief from the heat of the season past, now glowing with energy Gourds and pumpkins snake their way over land Yellows and golds, striped, and rusty orange with dark green leaves Earthy potatoes huddling underground to breed white flesh Tall gnarled trees dangling shiny crimson apples come to ripeness People in sweat-stained, worn clothes swarm gardens and fields Hay falls before machines and rolls into great shocks Corn stands at attention and then leans i
The Mists 268/365
The Mists 268/365
Ah! I love this. =) I am so glad my Dad told me to go out & take pictures. I didn't sleep, so I was still up when my Dad got Hugh up for school. He came in to see me & told me my Mom was going to be bailing out the water with the help of our new cleaner, Jane. I don't know what came over me but I offered to help. I figured that it would keep me awake. He said no to my help at first, but then came back & said that would be really helpful. I got breakfast & then lay around a little. My Mom said I wouldn't need to be ready til after 1pm-going up to 2pm. She came into my room at 11am (just as I'd gone to sleep for a little while) & told me I was supposed to be ready by now. Considering my whole not-having-slept-properly-in-over-a-week thing I'm surprised I didn't bite her head off for yelling at me. She shouldn't assume that I would automatically know that she's changed what time we're leaving. So I got dressed & read the paper while I waited. Hugh came over as he had a free before lunch, & he offered to come help us. Before we all piled in the car I saw Coco in the snow. She's so tiny that she was hopping in my Dad's footprints so that she didn't get stuck in the thick snow, but my Dad's footprints only lead up to the garage door, so she had to leap across the snow onto the bank into the garden to avoid getting cold. The house wasn't as bad as the night before apparently. The water had drained away somewhere. Jane had borrowed this big industrial water-sucker-upper to use on the carpets, so she took the living room & stairs, I took the kitchen, Hugh took the bathroom, & my Mom flitted about between us all. Unfortunately there was no water to use, which meant I ended up trying to mop the floor with melted snow. I thought some of the tiles were just naturally grey - no, that was just a layer of dirt. I had newspapers everywhere to soak up the water on the sides. I put newspaper down on the bathroom floor. Oh & I leaned against a radiator & got my butt all soaked. So gross. We got it done quickly between the 4 of us, but if only one person had done it, it would have taken them 18 hours. How awful. We took Hugh back to school then & I grabbed myself some lunch before going back to bed & watching TV. I ate dinner with my family, & then my Dad & brother went to check on the house. I fell asleep at 7.30pm, 10 mins after my Dad & brother got back from checking the house (it was fine). I fell asleep in my parents room, so I was vaguely aware of them watching CBB while I was there, & my Mom watched a bit more of the 100 musicals show when my Dad went to finish some more work. I remember my Dad taking me back to my room & tucking me into bed. First my pink fleece blanket, then my normal duvet, then my duvet off my childhood bed. He asked if I was warm enough, & then I remember him turning off the light & wishing me goodnight. I briefly thought that I wished I had a hot water bottle, & then I must have fallen asleep. 269/365

free carpet cleaning pictures
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