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Baby Rugs Modern

baby rugs modern
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baby rugs modern - DwellStudio Rug,
DwellStudio Rug, Signs, Large
DwellStudio Rug, Signs, Large
Our Signs Multi Large Rug coordinates with creations in the Transportation Multi print and features a fun combination of colorful motor vehicles and signs that your little boy will adore!

Add the finishing touch to any child's room with DwellStudio's 100% hand tufted New Zealand wool rug. Fun patterns make this soft rug a fun decoration in any kid's room! Available in two sizes (3ft x 5ft and 5ft x 8ft), you're sure to find the right size for your space.

DwellStudio nursery essentials and children's room decor make decorating your child's room a cinch! Using charming prints, bold colors and sophisticated designs for babies and stylish, playful and timeless designs for "big" kids, DwellStudio is your comprehensive decorating resource, offering all of the big staples and small details parents are looking for when designing their baby's nursery or child's room. From crib bedding, baby blankets, sleep sacks, wall art, plush rugs, storage, window treatments and even bathroom decor, DwellStudio products are designed to coordinate perfectly together, while blending beautifully with the rest of your well designed house. You can also have fun mixing and matching collections to create an inspiring and exciting space for your child, as all DwellStudio designs are cohesive and versatile. Don't forget to pick up your stylish (yet sensible) baby bag, travel and diapering essentials, all available in your favorite signature prints.

DwellStudio is as committed to quality, safety and the environment as they are to great design. For this reason, they use only eco-friendly pigments, pvc free packaging and all bags and boxes are intended for reuse!

85% (16)
rug test
rug test
We made rug shapes out of paper and cardboard to help us figure out what rugs to buy. The hardwood floors were absolutely trashed and we hate carpet. The odd shape of the room did not lend itself well to a square or rectangular rug so we went with round. They are strategically covering up "issues."
Modern Racing inspired nursery
Modern Racing inspired nursery
Modern Boys Nursery inspired by racing poster from the year his Dad's team won the championship. Dwell Studio for Target Nursery Furniture, 5" round shag rug,

baby rugs modern
baby rugs modern
Skip Hop 20 Piece 70"x56" PlaySpot Floor Mat, Brights
Skip Hop Playspot Playspot is a beautiful and innovative soft EVA foam surface that will compliment the decor of any nursery or playroom. With three different designer patterns, the Skip Hop Playspot is easy to clean and a snap to assemble. The tiles measure 14" x 14" and the entire set will measure 72" x 54", but you can decide how many to add or subtract. Fit the Playspot to your preference. Unlike other foam tiles that are only safety-rated for children 3 and up, Skip Hop's Playspot is designed, tested, and manufactured for children of all ages. Order the Skip Hop Playspot today!

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