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Lamb Shank Slow Cooker Recipe

lamb shank slow cooker recipe
    slow cooker
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    lamb shank
  • (Lamb Shanks) A meat shank or shin is the portion of meat around the tibia of the animal, the leg bone beneath the knee. Lamb shanks traditionally comprise the proximal (ie nearest to the torso) part of the tibia - the part of the bone that articulates aganist the femur and patella as the knee.
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Lamb Shanks
Lamb Shanks
I am kind of a food nerd. Who else photographs their food while making it? This is lamb shanks with haroseth marinade from the M Stewart show last week (courtesy of the chef from Craigie on Main in Boston). It looked so good I decided to try it for Easter. Anyway, this is the marinade: olive oil, white wine, toasted fennel seeds, cumin, red pepper flakes, fresh Italian parsley, fresh cilantro, orange peel, smashed fresh ginger and garlic. And lamb shanks.
Lamb Shanks
Lamb Shanks
Lamb shanks, about 300/400 gram each, bought at : De Groene-weg Slagerij Mariniersweg 33 3011 NC Rotterdam

lamb shank slow cooker recipe
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