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How To Cook Baked Potatoes On The Grill

how to cook baked potatoes on the grill
    baked potatoes
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    how to
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Hasselback Potatoes & Steak
Hasselback Potatoes & Steak
For our Halloween dinner for my Mom and Anthony and I. I wanted something representative of my parents' backgrounds so I served grilled steak, Swedish-style hasselback potatoes (aka "hedgehog potatoes"), asparagus, and the butternut squash soup. Here's how I did it. I figured on two medium-smallish potatoes each, but really, I could have eaten more they were that good. Ideally you use small new potatoes, but I admit to doing it with large russets. It is better with the small potatoes but no one will die or spit it out if you use russets. Nigella has a method for cutting the potatoes. She puts her potatoes in a large spoon and slices down till the knife hits the spoon. I've tried doing that each time I've made these and I'm just going to stop. I don't think I have the right sized spoon because when I do that I don't cut deep enough. It's important to cut really deep without actually slicing through. After you've cut your potatoes, but them on a baking try lined with foil. I used olive oil that's been put into an atomizer and I found that spraying them with oil is much easier than brushing them with it. If you want to use PAM, make sure you're using the pure olive oil kind because you will taste the flavor of the oil later. Melt some butter. You can use a pastry brush for this, but I kept it in its Pyrex measuring cup and gently poured a small amount into the spot between each slice. It opens up as it bakes. When you first slice it it will stick together and look like a regular potato with slash marks. To get the butter in there you'll have to open up each slice. It's not hard work, it just takes some patience. The reason you want to get the butter in there is because it will prevent the small slices from burning and turning black and also make them crisp and fabulous. Bake them for about an hour, checking after 40 minutes, for doneness. You can tell how much they are cooked by their color. Temperature was about 475, I think. Enjoy!
Oliver's 3rd Birthday!!!
Oliver's 3rd Birthday!!!
Oh it was a wonderful party. Sunny, happy, filled with friends and children and way, way too much food. Evan, the coolest kid, said, "It was the best party ever!" When asked why, he told his mom --- no other party had truck racing (Oliver's idea for his party --- "we could race trucks on a looong ramp!" which Jason figured out could be the driveway) and no other party had cupcake decorating (so much candy consumed -- with so much glee). So if a cool 6 year old liked it, you know Oliver loved it. It was a great mix of neighborhood friends and long-time friends, from my childhood bud Eve to my best friends Pam and Julie, and all their beautiful children. Megan and Leo had flown back from skiing on midnight, but they came to the party with sweet Eulalia and then stayed to clean up! We bought plates from Goodwill (Correlle, like Suzanne, and made in U.S.!) and didn't use any paper anything (except the cupcake holders, which we couldn't figure out how to do without paper). We baked hot dog buns, and grilled sausages, and made homemade potato salad and baked beans, and then we made homemade chocolate ice cream, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, and buttercream and cream cheese frosting. Saturday involved LOTS of cooking. Oliver was so happy to be the center of THESE people's attention (he loves each and every person at his part) and so happy to greet people, and yes, to get gifts, and to decorate cupcakes. It made us so proud, as parents, to watch him racing trucks with Kooper and Evan, playing with Samantha, and giving each child the truck he had carefully chosen for them. Oh, it's been a fantastic three years. Happy birthday (tomorrow), dear boy.

how to cook baked potatoes on the grill
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