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History Of The Oreo Cookie

history of the oreo cookie
    oreo cookie
  • oreo: chocolate cookie with white cream filling
  • Uncle Tom is a term for a black person who behaves in a subservient manner to white people. The term comes from the title character of Harriet Beecher Stowe's 1852 novel Uncle Tom's Cabin.
  • Oreo is a trademark for a popular sandwiched cookie by the Nabisco Division of Kraft Foods. The current design consists of a sweet, white filling commonly referred to as 'cream' or 'creme', sandwiched between two circular chocolate or golden cookie pieces.
    history of
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  • heres a brief explanation of the word *** and how it can be used in everyday life. enjoy!

TAZ 157/365
TAZ 157/365
Our Daily Challenge "What Little Boys Are Made Of" 157/365 When I read the theme for today's challenge, I immediately thought of cookies and milk. This is likely because I grew up with two brothers. They always loved to scoff down cookies and usually without regard to saving any of them for the rest of the family. Then there're the crazy messes that they made all over the house, leaving it looking like the Tazmanian devil ran through it. Funny thing is, that history repeated itself with my own two sons. No package of Oreo cookies nor the milk to dunk them in - were ever 'safe' in our house. I rarely had the chance to have any for myself. Hmmm...it's still the same scenario, even though they are now (big boys) adults. According to Wiki: The Tasmanian Devil aka "Taz" (the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes character) is generally portrayed as a dim-witted teenager-type with a notoriously short temper and little patience. He will eat anything and everything, with an appetite that seems to know no bounds. He is best known for his speech consisting mostly of grunts, growls and rasps, and his ability to spin and bite through just about anything. This Taz mug has been around a while. It belongs to my youngest son, Christopher. He's had this since he was 12 years old. It's one of his favorite keepsakes. This is my first attempt at a cookie splash shot. My thoughts: Doing this outside was a very, very good idea. Next time, bring more towels for cleanup. Have spare milk on hand for refills...as 1/3 of the milk was lost after each splash. Bring a lens cleaning kit. Maybe a cloth over the camera and lens would be smart. Cold milk creates condensation on the cup, maybe warm it up first. Using a piece of potato to drop into the cup was a good idea, but don't refill the milk before reaching in to retrieve the potato - it makes another huge mess :O Try whole milk instead of skim milk (on a diet;) - it might look better. Don't forget to quickly check the backdrop, softbox, and camera for milk splatters. Oreos get soggy and turn to mush quickly, so pick them up and dry them off first thing after each shot. It would be a CRYing shame to waste precious cookies. So, also bring the Kleenex, just in case ;) Exp 1/250, ISO 200, f/5, Flash camera left @ 50mm zoom through softbox via TTL and commander flash (set at -2.0), shot outside in diffused sunlight. Next try at this, I plan to use a faster shutter speed for less motion blur on the milk.
We live in the foothills of California, the boonies. Over the last couple months, we felt the need for a watch dog. One that will bark and alert us, especially at night, if anyone is around our home. We really did not want a large dog, or a yappy dog. We have two cats, but they are no help with this issue at all. I shopped online, craigslist, and various adoption agencies. One day I found two possibilities at the SPCA in Placer County, CA. I drove the hour to check them out. One was just a little too old and the other on his way out the door to his new home. I stood at the desk feeling disappointed and the girl handed me a little black puppy to hold. He was calm, cuddly, and alert. Chihuahua mix they said. Chihuahua is not my favorite breed, but he did not look the part. He had fat little paws, stocky legs, a rounded nose and floppy ears. His name was "cookie" and I named him OREO. He and the cats are getting to know each other. His joyful enthusiasm is a little too much for the arrogant cats right now, but things are warming up. They give him a look that says “pa-leeeze” and walk away. He is not a yappy dog. He has a breathy "woof" and is already woofin' at unusual house sounds and my reflection in the window at night. I think he is a perfect watch dog. He seems like a smart little fellow who responds well to voice commands and already respects our plate food, with a little reminder, he stays off the coffee table, and waits for his treat in the kitchen. Oreo is learning to wipe his feet when he comes in from outside. Our only challenge at 12 weeks is the piddle problem. Fortunately his piddle puddle is small. An older dog would have had this issue resolved, but his training would not have been my customized training. Oreo will evolve to be exactly what works for our home. So, Oreo is now a tiny little, Dachshund appearance, happy, loved WATCH DOG. If you notice in his picture, he keeps one ear up to listen. He looks more the Dachshund part than a Chihuahua, but he is a keeper no matter the final product. It isn't your size, breeding, history, color, face, sex, or creed that determines your value. Little Oreo is our new WATCH DOG and he takes his job seriously. Meet our Watch Dog- Oreo.

history of the oreo cookie
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