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Created by Anastasia Usenko

Pictures for tale of magical flower

Once on a hot day Meelo-Liza and her brother Miloyar walked on the edge of the forest not far from their house. Miloyar soon became tired, he sat down on the grass and dozed off, while his little sister decided to gather some flowers on the near by meadow. There bloomed many kinds of beautiful field flowers. Meelo-Liza did not watch the time while walking around the glade. But when she returned to the birch tree, under which her brother had fell asleep, he was not there.



Pictures for tale of magical flower

This is what granny Martha said: «I shall guess where your brother is, but I need an exact confirmation of this. Take this magic kernel, and plant it in a secluded location near your house. Sprinkle it with your tears. In the morning a flower will blossom, and you must pick it and bring it to me. But do not tell anyone about it, even your parents!» Martha took a grain out of her bag and gave it to Meelo-Liza. The girl thanked Martha for help and ran home.

granny Martha