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                                 Poems for kids. Fairy tales for children  

   Since ancient times, a fairy tale teaches us to be kind and fair, teaches forgiveness, trust and love. Fairy tales help to transport us 
into a magical world, hundreds of years back or forward. In fairy tales everything is possible. Probably, that’s why it is a favorite genre both for adults and children. Fairy tales teach us to be good friends, because when you are not alone, you can overcome any trouble. But most important is to have a kind heart, because good always triumphs over evil.

   Poems and stories are needed for children to develop language and imagination. They help children to develop imaginative thinking. Nursery rhymes and fairy tales train the memory and expand horizons of thinking of the child. Rhyming text is easier for children to perceive. So they very much like to listen to nursery rhymes. 

   The website publishes stories and poems for children. This is a completely new experience of fairy tales. They come from the heart of a loving parent and depict original characters and stories, which you cannot hear anywhere else.