Fairy tales for kids

     Fairy tales for children 
 These stories I wrote for my daughter Elizabeth. Liza, Lisa. There are five stories in total. In all these tales heroes are the same. However, the main character is a girl named Liza - Lisa. Everybody calls her Meelo-Liza.
Tale of a girl Liza-Lisa Meelo-Liza. This is a story about a little girl Liza- Lisa, who rescues her mother from the grave danger. Liza comes to Granny Martha and good witch helps Liza to save her Mom

Tale of a huge spider Driandafil. This tale is about a huge spider. It attacks the forest village and threatens to destroy all its inhabitants. Angelona, Granddad Piyun and Granny Martha try to find a way to save the village from Driandafil

Tale of girl Angelina  Angelina.The girl goes to the Valley of the Poppies to pick up some grass and cannot find a way back. Spider Driandafil attacks her. Girl is rescued by the dog Tosya.

Tale of a magical flower  Miloyar.Magic flower helps Meelo-Liza to find her little brother. A flower grew from a seed which Granny Martha gave to the girl.

Tale of magic bell  Midge and Bu-bell. Miloyar walking with a goat finds a bell, which is lost by witch Saina.Children bring a bell to Granny Martha. With the goat’s help bell returns to the witch, but she loses all her magic power.   

Sincerely yours,                      

Konstantin Dmitriev

Fairy tales for kids