Bedside tale

                                                      Bedside tale

Bedside tale is a kind of goodnight wish but it’s longer and more sincere, hearty and thoughtful. Bedside tale is a talk with your child and you speak magic language easy to understand, it unwittingly teaches what is good and what is bad.

Mind, different tales suit different situations, one tale is good to be read during the day another is a bedside one. Bedside tale should be affectionate and warm like stroking your child. If you want your child quickly fall asleep read him a calm, plain tale. Do you notice how your granny tells tales? She speaks quietly, gently, softly and lulls a child. This time he hears only the voice that creates images, thoughts and mood. Dreams depend on what a child has heard before. That’s why we wish “Goodnight” and it’s very concealed moment for parents and their baby.

So vivid, emotional and eventful tale told before going to bed can carry a child then he takes everything hard worries for the characters and asks to tell more and more. And your child doesn’t want to sleep any longer! However, such catchy tales read at daytime arouse interest in books and reading as this is the way to know the end of the tale, to find out about other adventures.

Bedtime tales or rhymes should be kind and simple to lull to calm down a child. And a warm goodnight wish should be a good tradition in each family.

There is a branch in psychology called “tale therapy”. The main idea is that a child identifies himself with the tale main character and gets some new experience from him trying not to do the same mistakes. So a child can try on different roles of good and bad characters, roles of the rich and the poor, roles of creators and distracters. In imaginary world he can perform different roles, differ situations, and behave differently. A little man learns to support, to be more attentive to be more disciplined.

Some people think that man’s life is like his favourite tale. Which tale will come your childs favourite? It’s up to you both to decide. Let it be a tale with a happy end and the same value you usually teach. If you are sure that perseverance wins then read and discuss ‘Cinderella’. If you think where there is a will there is a way- ‘The Snow Queen’ is a tale for you. While reading pay attention to the characters your child likes, who is an idol for him. You must admit that Kai in the mentioned above tale is passive and he isn’t good example though the story ends well. Don’t be afraid if your child likes bad characters or dinosaurs try to find positive traits in their characters for example some of them are strong, some defend their children, some are committed.

Well, before reading a bedside tale or poem look it through again to be sure that it’s short, simple, with a happy end and carries those ideas you need to present to your child. Let each family has this good tradition of wishing goodnight and not with one short phrase but with tales.

Valentina Grigorenko, 2012