The fairy tale about the lost princess

                                           The fairy tale about the lost princess

A long time ago in one fantastic country, somewhere far away, on the suburb once upon a time there lived a girl. She was very beautiful and single-minded. This girl tried to find for herself the teacher of reading and writing. There weren’t any well-educated people in a small village where she lived, but her aspiration to get at least the minimum education never died away. Everybody laughed at her plans about the future, criticized her strange desire. Therefore the only thing that she wanted to do is to run away from this village somewhere to the city.

 Once the girl saw a wonderful dream: royal treatment, the King already sits on a throne, all people are waiting for the Queen, but the Queen hasn’t still decided what dress to put on to go to "common people". Many servants are chasing after the Queen, they want to please her. The queen is very cruel, malicious and arrogant. She always forbade people to have fun, forced them to obey her. All people were afraid of her. In a throne-room there are a lot of guests, but by the time when the queen goes to the people, the most have already left the room. All people expected to hear that there will be a successor of the throne soon. The first child was kidnapped seventeen years ago by the malicious sorcerer. The king declared that he will transfer the rights of governing to that person who will find his daughter. He told that it is possible to determine her only by one sign: she has is on a small birthmark on each finger of the left hand... And at this moment our girl woke up. She looked at her left hand and found a royal sign there. What a pity that it was only her dream!

 In the morning the girl decided to travel, to find the new house and to make her dream come true. Her way was through the dense forest. The girl went all day and all night long, but she could not come out of the forest, and then she understood that she got lost. She was alone, nobody will come to help her...

 What a miracle! She saw a bright green spark in a lodge window ahead and ran to it very quickly. On a threshold she wiped her tears, shook off and knocked at a door. The rough female voice told that the door was opened. The girl slowly opened the door and saw the dazzling beautiful girl who ran on a running machine.

  • What do you want? – The girl asked in a rude manner.
  • I got lost. May I stay here until the sunrise? – The girl asked, looking at the strange machine astonishingly.
  • Yes, certainly. I learned that it is fashionable to spend the night at your girlfriends. So come in and stay here. I just can’t understand what you did alone in this forest? –A beautiful girl asked.
  • I ran away from the village, I wanted to find adventures, and I got lost. I don’t want to return there! All people laugh at me; they don't understand my dreams and plans! - The little girl muttered with tears on her face.
  • Do you know what? You do not want to return, so stay with me! It is boring for me to be alone, and it is always more cheerful
    together. I promise you that you will see and learn a lot of new things! By the way, my name is KlassnayaYaga, - with these words the tall and harmonious girl jumped off from the running machine and turned into a small middle-aged plump lady. Now she had disheveled hair and dirty nails. She took two chocolates "snickers" out of her pocket, and started to eat one chocolate herself, then she gave another chocolate to our girl, but the girl fainted because of such a magic transformation.
  • Stand up, well, stand up! Will you faint all the time when I practice magic? Yes, I am a witch, and what is unusual in it? I was in the future. There are such miracles! Can you imagine, the sharks are made out of air there! They are even on sale: you buy some special thing, you blow the air there, and that’s all – the shark is ready, and moreover it doesn't drown!!! And you are surprised by my transformations.
  • Is this running machine from the future? - The girl asked.
  • Yes, infernal machine! By the way, this is from the future, it is called "chocolate", it is very tasty – the little witch told and gave the chocolate bar to the girl.
  • Well … mm … and you are not angry, are you? – The girl asked carefully.
  • Well, what does angry mean? It depends on my mood. Though recently I didn't practise magic, I did it just for myself. I would like to achieve something without magic. I have a dream: I want to get to a palace. But they take only well-educated fairies that can’t have fun at all. I started to study magic with them. But they only studied, studied and studied, and I am not like them, I need to relax sometimes, and I had too much fun. That’s the reason why I was expelled from the academy of non-standard sciences, – the sorcerer told sadly.

 The girl was shocked, she sat with open mouth, and she couldn’t understand what was going on. Then she scratched her nose and said: 

  • Listen, Yaga, I have an idea. You want to get into a palace, don’t you? Metoo. They don’t take you as a court fairy, and they don’t take me either, so, we have only one way out: to marry the king or the prince. It is possible for you to make the small kingdom: you will be the queen, and I will be your daughter. The problem is that I can’t read and write, I need to study, - the girl said with regret.
  • It is not a problem. We will find the teachers. You are smart so you will under stand everything quickly, – the joyful witch encouraged the girl.

 Days, weeks, and months passed - the sorcerer taught the girl for a long time and it was so interesting for them, that they didn’t have much free time by the beginning of the seventh month of study. Both of them liked to learn something new, to read books from the future and to argue on scientific topics. The sorcerer has become prettier, even grew up and grew thin.

 Meanwhile the girl was also taught on-standard sciences. She liked it so much that soon she could practise the most difficult elements of magic rituals. Generally, everything was fine and gave pleasure to both participants of this project.

 Once, when our ladies walked in the forest, they heard that the king invited all people to his palace.

 Here is the occasion to visit the palace, - they thought.

 It was a fine summer day when the sun gave all its beauty and warm. Birds sang beautifully and melodiously. All flowers blossomed. The nature has shown its real beautyfor the first time for many years. The landscape completely corresponded to the mood of "queen" and "princess". Since the morning they prepared for this important reception at the palace, and at noon they were already in the palace.

 Many people were in a throne-room. The king already sat on a throne. Everybody waited for the queen who was late, as usual. As soon as the clock stroke midday, dead silence has come into the hall – the time of the king has come. All people expected that he will apologize for the Queen, who was late but the king said that the queen had died yesterday.

 – You know, I have a daughter who was stolen seventeen years ago by the malicious sorcerer. But everything isn't so bad, because our wizard – Marylin – told me that I need to collect all honest people at my palace this day exactly at noon. This girl is here now, it’s one of you. She has one small sign: she has small birthmarks on her left hand on each finger, but there is something else: she has to remember her brightest dream.

 The girl was scared and held breath, and then she showed her hand to Yaga.

 - Let's wait up until the end of the ceremony, we will go the last. It can't be truth, I am from the village, - she said.

 - You are a princess in my kingdom already seven months; - the sorcerer said, smiled and strongly clenched her friend’s hand.

 There was a death silence in the hall. The king asked to make the list of the guests, and then he started to talk to everyone. The more he talked, the more it seemed to him that Marylin was mistaken. The king almost gave in, only the queen with her daughter were the last in the list, and anyway the princess couldn't be the king’s child, after all this girl has notable blood, but his daughter grew somewhere in the village. But when he saw her hand, he was surprised. Then the king asked her to tell him about the dream that she remembered most. And she told that she was at a royal party where the king gave rights to the person who will find his daughter with birthmarks on the left hand.

 This is she! She is my daughter! My beauty! But...But how? How can you be the princess? - The amazed father asked.

 – And I am not, I am just a daughter of this woman who has taught me and she has brought me up, as the true princess. She deserves to be my mother and your wife, – the girl said with confidence.

 When the king saw, how his daughter behaved, he understood that he had to admire her mother. He thought if this woman could bring up this girl in such a way, it means that she deserves to be the queen of his state.

 Next day ClassnayaYaga was crowned, and she became the queen of the fantastic country. So her dream came true. The girl became the Princess, now she was taught by the best teachers, and the King met the long-awaited relatives. The royal family became the sample of true love and fidelity. The king doesn't know only one small secret: his wife was a witch earlier. And he doesn’t need to know it, because his wife does everything for people’s pleasure. This secret will be kept by the Queen and the Princess forever.

© Copyright: Alla Agafonova , 2012 

Translated into English: Tatiana Konovalova, 2012