Terrible monster in wardrobe

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The fairy tale about wardrobe and a terrible monster

 It was a usual autumn evening. There was a tradition when mother usually come into her children’s room, to Denis and Alice, she came to wish them good night and to check if everything was ok with their room. In the family only mother loves the order and it was very important for her to see each thing on its the place, especially the things that are in a wardrobe. Having glanced there once again, mother exclaimed:

- If you continue doing the same way , there will be a monster in your wardrobe soon!

She went out of the room.

Alice was displeased and looked at her brother.

- Listen, mother will swear again if you don't clear your part of the wardrobe, and I’m already bothered with collecting your things in the whole room, - the girl said.

- Anyway I won't clear anything, - Denis muttered and turned over on the other side.

Alice as usual collected all the things into a small pile but instead of putting them in a proper way, she threw this pile of clothes into a wardrobe,said: I’m too bothered to do it again, and she went to sleep.

That night there was a shower with thunder-storm and lightning. Alice even woke up because ofthe thunder. Though she woke upmore of hunger rather than of fear. As she didn’t sleep,the girl decided to go down to the kitchen. And she went there immediately.

While Denis was having a deepsleep, Alice was drinking hot tea and eating a sandwich in the kitchen, some magic events took place in the room. Moon light suddenly changed its direction and lit the wardrobe brightly. It seemmed that some magic power was flowing inside. It was a pity that nobody saw that. Moon rays were entering inside each slot and you could see the wardrobe shining inside. But suddenly the thunder put all the things into their places.

Alice felt like falling asleep. She went up stairs, and fell asleep in the bed under the blanket.

Next morning the children woke up because of the strange knock. It was not clear who knocked or what made such noise, but it was from the room for sure.

- We need to listen carefully to get where this noise is from , - Alice said. They go ttheir breath back for a second and …

- It is in the wardrobe! –Denis cried, - stand up Alice, let’s go and have a look who is there. The boy took the bat from the corner of the room and was going towards the wardrobe.

Alice wanted to open the door but she heared a sad voice from the wardrobe “I want to eat!”

- It doesn’t matter, you are in our wardrobe, come out of it quickly! –Denis commanded.

- I want to eat!!! –the voice said again.

- Will you take pancakes? –Alice asked.

- Aha. With chocolate syrup and tea, - the voice replied.

- I’ll go and take it…

- Alice, pancakes, tea? There is somebody in our wardrobe and you are going to give him some food? –her brother wondered.

- Didn’t you hear that there is somebody who is hungry? And it seems he is kind.

- That’s it, it only seems, - the boy sniffed.

In a moment Alice went down stairs, made some pancakes, poured tea, put it on the tray, and returned into the room.

- Everything is ready, help yourself!

The girl sterted to open the door carefully and Denis was ready to attack the monster.

When they opened the wardrobe, children saw a strange creature. Alice surprised and has nearly dropped a tray with sweets. The monster could pick the tray up in time and with words 'well, at last, my meal', has started its breakfast. While this creature was eating its breakfast, children bewildered and looked at it, trying to understand, who was in front of them. On the one hand he really resembled a cat, but the tail was as a small dragon’s tail, ears looked like the the elephant’s ears, and strange huge semitransparent wings.

- Thank you for the food, it was very tasty. Let me introduce myself, my name is Mess.

- What? - Children continued to listen to this monster, without understanding, what he was speaking about.

- I’m Mess - I live in your wardrobe. He jumped off the shelf and started to walk up and down in the room. –Just for information I will tell you that there are many kinds of Mess, however one type of the wardrobe is fixed for each of us, but we look different. For those children who keep the wardrobe in order, Mess looks like any certain animal: a cat, the elephant, little dragon or owl and normally doesn't show the face. And for such children as you –there are monsters such as me. It is very inconvenient, most doesn’t not understand who you are. Therefore you need to help me to be defined. If I don't have time to make it clear who I am in next three hours I will remain this kind of monster for ever, - and Mess began to cry.- So what do we need to do? - Denis asked.

- It is very easy, it is necessary to put the things in order on the shelves, and put all dirty clothes to wash.

- We agree to tidy up the mess, - children answered together.

After this magic phrase, Mess has started to throw off the things from all shelves. In some seconds there was a huge pile of dirty clothes in front of children.

 Children have started to assort things into three small groups: Alice’s things, Denis's things and those that are necessary to send for washing. Children have sorted clean clothes just for some minutes.

After that children looked at Mess. Mess has already changed: his ears and tail have become smaller.

- And mum will sort out the dirty clothes, - Denis said.

- Unfortunately, we don't have time to wait for mum. There is about an hour left, - Mess declared.

- What shall we do then? – Alice asked.

Having slapped into the shaggy palms Mess closed his eyes for a second, and then jumped up and clapped once again. The children saw a huge basin filled with foam water.

- Throw there everything, - Mess said. Children piled the things into the basin and foam scattered every where in the room. It seemed that clouds were every where.

- And now lift them and once again threw into this basin, and then shake each thing under water. That's all.

Children followed the recommendations of Mess with pleasure.

- Now it is necessary to dry the clothes, to iron it and put into the wardrobe.

 Thanks to huge wings of Mess all the things were dried for seconds. Alice ironed everything, and Denis put the clothes into the wardrobe. And suddenly...

Mess was shining. It flew up up and started to go around quickly. You could see nothing that occured in this huge shining sphere. In some seconds Mess got the certain form - thick little magenta dragon.

- Thanks children! Well done, - Mess started to thank the friends, but they heard mother’s steps. –Take me to the wardrobe quickly and close the doors. As soon as doors of the wardrobe were closed, a big basin with water and foam clouds disappeared, beds were done and everything around was shining.

Mother entered the room.

- Good morning! It is good that you have already woken up. Beds are even done, - mother was surprised. - And what is in your wardrobe?

Mother opened wardrobe and exclaimed: “What is it?”

- Mother, this is Mess , he is good, - Alice started explaining.

- There is no Mess. But dirty  dishes, what is it?

Children sighed with relief.

- Oh, children! - mother said, took a tray away and went down.

Denis and Alice exchanged glances and laughed silently. And their new friend winked to them from the top shelf.



© Copyright: Alla Agafonova , 2012 

Translated into English: Tatiana Konovalova, 2012