Round rugs cheap : Black braided rugs.

Round Rugs Cheap

round rugs cheap
  • from beginning to end; throughout; "It rains all year round on Skye"; "frigid weather the year around"
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  • (Rug) Rhug (normally Y Rug in Welsh; sometimes given the antiquarian spelling Rug) is a township in the parish of Corwen, Denbighshire, Wales, formerly in the old cantref of Edeirnion and later a part of Merionethshire, two miles from CorwenRug Chapel and ten miles north east of Bala.
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9th st. into Chinatown, D.C.
9th st. into Chinatown, D.C.
[G9 ISO80ind. 1/60s F4.0 35mm eff > dcraw H07 VNG4 > Gimp rotate, keystone-correction, slight contrast and mild USM] One more for "randomness" the middle of converting my 7500 G9 raw files...what do you think, too much keystoning correction? Maybe a tad too much. Anyway this is the rebuilt/redeveloped/"gentrified" section of Chinatown north. This part of DC used to be a hole, really, for a long time. Now very little of DC is still a "hole" most if not all of it has been gentrified. Rebuilding is nice, building $1M condos where burned-out rowhouses used to stand, "interesting", but giving every 3 blocks of DC a name like this is Manhattan south? Flat-out ridiculous. Oh and to top it off, only blacks in DC use the word "Anacostia" anymore. Now it's "East River". SouthEast? LOL only the blacks call it that. It's now "East River" or even worse "River: East". What is the world coming to these days when the official name for a part of town is just disregarded by the press, the people that move in there.... Seriously like 500 white people got together and said hey, let's just call it "Hyannisport". Because we utterly refuse to use the words "Anacostia" or "SouthEast" with the phrase "we live in". I mean, certainly that's one way to get around the social-stigma of moving to Anacostia or SouthEast in general. Just call it something else. Because they don't like the name? No, because they don't want to be associated with Anacostia or SouthEast...even though that's where they live. Where do you learn to do that? I'm really curious. But I'm sure that there are entire swaths of the District of Columbia that had to be renamed as soon as whites moved back in there, because the old names had developed an association with poor blacks, rundown neighborhoods and crime. You know, like "Anacostia" and "SouthEast". Hell I'm surprised that they haven't changed the name of DC altogether. I imagine that it takes a few bold maybe even foolhardy whites to establish a beachhead and engage in community activism to get the name changed (at least in the press), and then it's ok for the 2nd wave to come in. But it's such blatant racism and elitism that it's almost laughable. If it wasn't so sad. So like "River: East": that's ok because all of DC is east of at least *one* river? LOL East of the Mississippi? :) Because the Potomac doesn't count anymore? Ah: NOW I get it. Georgetown is just east of the Potomac (and so are Potomac, Glen Echo & Bethesda). And a little confusion makes the world go round, don't it. Remember: it doesn't have to make sense. It doesn't even have to be factually-accurate. It just has to make people feel happy :) But that's not just "sad", it's highly counterproductive. You can call Anacostia "Paris", it still isn't going to be Georgetown, or even Capitol Hill. If you can't even be proud of where you live, you're just heading for a smackdown from those who are, and who haven't felt the need to change the name of their town since, oh, about 1675. Since the Anacostia was a real river, instead of just the main sewage-dump for DC and PG county. Anyway so this is about what's left of "Chinatown" now: a couple of blocks of Chinese restaurants clustered around the Chinatown metro station. Otherwise it's as American as any other downtown part of an American city. Too many lawyers, too much money to leave such prime real-estate to a bunch of Chinese restaurant-owners. DC now is one of the wealthiest cities in the nation on a per-capita basis, which is really surprising considering that this is the seat of the Federal bureaucracy. It's hard to fathom, really. But hey the Dow is over 11,000 now so everyone should be happy. And if you're not happy? Well, obviously you don't work hard enough. Remember: hard work is the key to success in America. Well, that and a few well-turned phrases dropped at opportune moments. Doesn't hurt to have a law-degree either, or work for a Congressman. It also doesn't hurt to be willing indeed even happy to blatantly ignore the negative, "inconvenient" aspects of Reality that you don't like, pretend that they don't exist and then alter them to make you and your friends happy. Especially when you profit as a result :) I mean I'm just "flabbergasted" by this. It would never occur to me to move somewhere and then want to have the name of the place *changed* because I wasn't happy with the current name. But you know, I guess that this is what whites have been doing for thousands of years. Move in somewhere under the pretext of "getting along with the people who already live there", then when they establish numerical superiority, drop all pretenses and just change everything to suit themselves. Because of course the white people who *first* moved in there HAD
Andrew's 40th
Andrew's 40th
July started with me visiting Glasgow to see ma and pa. it is all very sad and harrowing.All the family are stressed. Andrew started his new job at The Hut Group. I worked with clients untill 7th the we flew to Spain to have a rest,to say goodbye to Pilar and family as they leave for Helsinki.It was good to be there but not too restful. I wanted to leave everything ready for any visitors who may rent out the house. Sarah is wonderful and mostly she is all we need but sometimes I think we need a full time help, for short periods. Arrived home on the Friday and on Saturday we went to Salford for Philip's housewarming.,we travelled with Andrew and Lucy. Phil was there too,his visit was supposed to be a surprise for Andrew's 40 but Phil let it slip,so we thought we might as well have one more family night.Philip did a great job of the food,and we enjoyed the evening ,we stayed at Etap,nothing special ,and could not sleep. Breakfast was good though and it was cheap. We then went back to Philips and I told the family of mum's worsening condition.Then we all went for lunch then the cinema. My first IMAX experience to see Inception. I liked it a lot.We said good bye to P&P and A&L drove us back to Liverpool where John and I had a curry and an early night.Spent the following week preparing for Andrew's birthday party and hopefully keeping Matt and Marie's visit a surprise.David and Lara really wanted to come but they had a wedding in Paris.All week we were hoping to have a BBQ but the weather was so bad we cancelled and of course on the day it was lovely weather.All Andrew's gift's arrived on time.The weather was great and I think he was surprised with M&M and we were all surprised to see Greg.We had a lovely family evening ,with stories and singing food and wine.Andrew had some beautiful gifts. I must get on with his West Wing Rug. He went to France with Lucy and Phil to have another celebration,and on the 26th at 2.15 he sent me a text to say "happy birthday" :-) just as I was about to do the same for him. So now I have been a Mother for 40 years.Sadly we got news from Sandra that mum was slipping ,the doctor said about two weeks but she died on the 27th. I got the call as I was about to start counselling in Chester. I carried on.Could not really take it in. I came home and cancelled all my appointments and the phone never stopped ringing,it is amazing how much the communication increases when a death occcurs.I had to let Andrew know which I was sad about as he was on holiday! On the way to Glasgow ,which was a night mare journey, M&G rang to ask me to share in the calling to let people know. I could not ,the train was too packed. M&M met us in Glasgow and we went for coffee to catch up and check out how we all felt and what had to done. Dad was very upset when we arrived. The next few days were busy with preperations for mum's funeral. We worked well together and got almost everthing we wanted for her. Luckily I spoke to mum about her wishes years ago and remembered her favourite hymns and readings.It was a sad time we all did well.John's thoughts on mum were lovely and the family were grateful to him.I hated leaving Pa but we had to.I know he was keen to get the place to himself again.He has so much to absorb and adjust to. I was especially proud of the grandchildren carrying mum's coffin and in particular Rebekka. The breakfast was good and people spoke about mum and shared their memories I was touched as I went round the room. Back at Kintillo there was a festive atmosphere which often happens after a funeral. I hope you are at peace mum,you suffered a lot in the last few years.

round rugs cheap
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