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Carpet Choice Locations

carpet choice locations
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Bridal Spiral
Bridal Spiral
This was a bold choice in wedding dress. The front of the dress is open so that you can see the bride's legs and it is short in the front. She had to push this bridal portrait session back a week to have the dress altered b/c the first time she got it back it was so high that you could see her underwear. It was a fun dress to shoot b/c you could do all sorts of poses with her legs up on arms of chairs or showing while she sat on the floor or in the grass. This shot is similar to the one that was in Explore this week (about 4 shots back on my stream). This time the carpet was perfect for a bridal portrait. Strobist info: 1 AB 1600ws light with beauty dish pointed at the cieling about 6 feet from the bride, just out of the shot above and to the left facing it this way (though you are looking at it upside down from the way I shot it.) I find that for these shots its better to have their feet away from you so their heads are closer to being just below you and that way you won't be shooting up the subject's nose. The light was turned up about 1/3 power and the cielings were high so the light was pretty diffused. Triggered with AB transmitters and receivers. Location: Riverwood Mansion

carpet choice locations
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