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Baby Pink Rug

baby pink rug
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baby pink rug - College Plush
College Plush Rug 5' X 8' Baby Pink
College Plush Rug 5' X 8' Baby Pink
Our College Plush Rug is a thick 1" tall flow of strands so soft your feet will smile. (If of course your feet could smile :). The plush feel will make you opt to sit on the floor instead of your dorm futon! Beyond the pure softness you'll be pleased with the high quality and care this rug is made with. From the 1" thick microfibers to the anti-slip gel grips that coat the bottom, this dorm rug is one of a kind. Another quality feature is the side tapering which limits shedding and ensures your dorm rug won't easily unravel.

85% (8)
Baby Blanket Soft Pink rug photography prop
Baby Blanket Soft Pink rug photography prop
Baby blanket mat photography. I crocheted this blanket 2 strands of soft light pink acrylic yarn held together, giving it a rich chunky texture. It's warm and cuddly and makes a fabulous photography prop This mat measures 23 inches by 23 inches, however as with most crocheted items it has plenty of stretch to it. 100% acrylic !!!!!Professional Photographers!!!!!! As I am always creating new and exciting items, so I am also in need of new and exciting photos for my creations. If you purchase one of my photo props and send me 3-5 photos using my prop, that I can use in my shop, you may choose another item in my shop of equal or lesser priced item for free. Please hand wash and dry flat. Do not machine wash and dry Please, never leave a baby unattended, as this blanket is intended for professional use only.
This a photo from the latest photoshoot. (My first little girl to shoot!) I used a pink fuzzy rug on top of a rolled towel and propped her between, she did the rest... though I did have to photoshop her feet a little to hide some parts. she looked simply adorable in peach.

baby pink rug
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