Baby girl names

We all want our daughters to have a beautiful name that falls softly on the ears, but something that just sounds lovely isn't always enough. For many, the meaning of a baby girl's name can be just as important as the moniker's aesthetic quality.

This, of course, seems to make things a little more complicated when choosing a name for your baby, but it really doesn't have to. There are a ton of gorgeous names right under your nose that will have significance and meaning to your child as she gets older.
From classic to trendsetting, let us help you find a baby girl name that means something to you:
Sophia: Wise
Emma: Whole or complete
Olivia: Olive, symbol of peace
Isabella: Devoted to God
Hannah: Favor or grace
Mia: A wished for child
Chloe: Fresh blooming
Madison: Gift of God
Violet: Flower
Victoria: Victory or triumphant
Darlene: Tenderly loved
Kalila: Dearly loved
Milada: My love
Grania: Love
Kennocha: Lovely
Cheryl: Dear one, darling
Cher: Dear one, darling
Aphrodite: Goddess of love
Theophilia: Loved by God
Cara: Beloved
Vida: Dearly loved
Carina: Beloved
Amada: Beloved
Amara: Beloved
Amia: Beloved
Amor: Love
Davina: Cherished
Vida: Dearly loved