Rock t shirts for dogs - 60th birthday t shirts.

Rock T Shirts For Dogs

rock t shirts for dogs
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rock t shirts for dogs - Artsmith, Inc.
Artsmith, Inc. Dog T-Shirt Rock Guitar Music Grunge - Small
Artsmith, Inc. Dog T-Shirt Rock Guitar Music Grunge - Small
Product Number: 030-545608130 Put your pooch in his own cool doggie t-shirt from American Apparel. He'll be the envy of all the pups in the park. Let him wear a doggie-cool design so he can express what he'd like to bark out loud. Do it up in doggie style! * Made of 100% ring spun cotton. 5.8oz. 1x1 rib. * Black ringer accent on sleeves and collar. * Five sizes to choose from * (SMALL - Body Length 10"/Neck Opening 4"/Sleeve Length 4"/Sleeve Opening 2"/Chest Width 7.25"/Weight up to 10 lbs.)(MEDIUM - Body Length 12"/Neck Opening 4.75"/Sleeve Length 4"/Sleeve Opening 2"/Chest Width 8.25"/Weight up to 12-25 lbs.)(LARGE - Body Length 15.5"/Neck Opening 7.75"/Sleeve Length 5.5"/Sleeve Opening 2.75"/Chest Width 9.25"/Weight up to 26-40 lbs.)(XL - Body Length 17.5"/Neck Opening 8.75"/Sleeve Length 6.5"/Chest Width 11.5"/Weight up to 41-60 lbs.)(XXL[2X] - Body Length 20"/Neck Opening 9.5"/Sleeve Length 7.5"/Sleeve Opening 3.125"/Chest Width 12.75"/Weight up to 61-80 lbs.)

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Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze Ep 7" 1968 Mexico (para/for Venancio, in memoriam)
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze Ep 7" 1968 Mexico (para/for Venancio, in memoriam)
Artist: JIMI HENDRX EXPERIENCE Title: Purple Haze Ep Label: Polydor Ref: Epo 1499 Date: 1968 Country: Mexico Para Venancio, in memoriam: Descubri este pasado miercoles que habias muerto en Junio. Nadie me dijo nada de tu fallecimento. Estuviste mas de 20 anos vendiendo ropa de rock?n?roll: cazadoras, camisetas, cinturones de motoristas, pins, etc y nadie hablo de tu repentina, inesperada y cruel muerte. Nadie se acuerda ni de tu nombre. Me importan un bledo los estupidos musicos y periodistas de San Sebastian, son todos pateticos, cuando algun "heroe local" muere le dedican una pagina, pero si eres rebelde y buena persona te ignoran. Aun recuerdo la ultima vez que estuvimos juntos. Como siempre, estabamos hablando, riendonos y escuchando buena musica de rock and roll. Escondido en su cazadora iba "blues" tu divertido y pequeno perrito. Siempre me arrepentire de no tener una foto juntos. Venancio tu eras incluso mejor que lo mas autentico. Se que ahora estas comprartiendo algun trago con tus amados Jimi Hendrix y Janis Joplin. Venancio te extrano y nunca te olvidare! For Venancio, in memoriam, I discovered last wednesday that You died in June. Nobody told me that you passed away. You have been selling rock?n?roll clothes: jackets, t-shirts, mortorcyclist badges, pins, etc for more than 20 years and nobody talked about your suddenly, unexpected and cruel dead. Nobody remembers your name. I don?t give a damn about the stupid musicians and journalists of San Sebastian, they are all pathetic, when some "local hero" die they wrote a full page... but If you are a rebel and a good person the ignore you. I remember the last time We were together. As always We were talking, laughing and listening to good rock and roll music. Hidden in your jacket was "blues", his funny small dog. I?ll always regret no to have a picture together. Venancio You were even better than the real thing. I know that now you?re sharing a drink with your beloved Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. Venancio, I miss you and I?won?t forget you! Un disco de mi coleccion^^ Fue un regalo. Este disco tiene toda una historia. Signica mucho para mi. A record from my collection^^ It was a present. This record has a long history. It means a lot for me. SONY DSC-W300 8mm f/2,8 1/40s ISO 250 natural light luz natural no tripod, just my hand :) sin triĀ­pode, solo mi mano :) no post-production sin editar original size: 4224 x 3168 7h august 2009 09:10h
Wet t-shirt Competition
Wet t-shirt Competition
So RBCS 22 has been and gone. Glenn Hughes, Jason & The Scorchers, UK Subs, Magnum, Marky Ramone, (one of the) Wishbone Ash(es) and a special mention for Hobo Jones & the Junkyard Dogs. If you wern't there you missed a good 'un. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WET T-SHIRT COMP CHAPS? The RBCS will take place again in 2011. All lovers of "classic festivals" should make the effort to get to the Derbyshire at the end of July. If you were there at the Monsters of Rock festivals in the '80s, Reading (before it went indie) or Stonehenge for the solstice, this is the event for you.

rock t shirts for dogs