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Newborn Baby Games

newborn baby games
    newborn baby
  • neonate: a baby from birth to four weeks
  • An infant or baby is the very young offspring of humans. A newborn is an infant who is within hours, days, or up to a few weeks from birth.
  • A complete episode or period of play, typically ending in a definite result
  • A single portion of play forming a scoring unit in a match, esp. in tennis
  • (game) a contest with rules to determine a winner; "you need four people to play this game"
  • A form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck
  • (game) bet on: place a bet on; "Which horse are you backing?"; "I'm betting on the new horse"
  • (game) crippled: disabled in the feet or legs; "a crippled soldier"; "a game leg"
newborn baby games - 125 Brain
125 Brain Games for Babies
125 Brain Games for Babies
Here is an example of the Brain Games:
Brain Game #94: Where’s the Baby?

9 to 12 Months

What Brain Research Says: Researchers now confirm that how you interact with your baby and the experiences you provide have an impact on his emotional development and learning abilities.

• Find several pictures of a baby and hide them in different places.
• Chose places that are familiar to your baby—in the toy box, on the ceiling above the changing place, or under a plate on the highchair.
• Say, "Let’s go find the baby."
• Ask different questions: "Is it in the sink?" "Is it on the chair?"
• Finally ask the question, "Is it in the toy box (or other place)?"
• When your baby finds the picture, praise him and clap your hands.
• You can play this game with pictures of family members and friends.

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Baby Blimp Game - deliver babies to new parents!
Baby Blimp Game - deliver babies to new parents!
The Baby blimp is a factory way up in the sky. It is run and operated by storks. As we all know they are the ones that deliver babies. Firstly they prepare the babies, so that the newborns will arrive neat and clean at their new parents...
Jungle Baby Game
Jungle Baby Game
Baby Memory game for a shower. All the matches had a sweet that corresponded-ie: Nighttime Feedings=Rocky Road, Newborns=Runts, Nursing=Milky Way-you get the picture! :]

newborn baby games
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