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Tropical Table Decor

tropical table decor
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tropical table decor - Deco Breeze
Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine Table Fan, Blue and Gold Tropical Fish, 15-Inch Tall by 12-1/2-Inch Wide
Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine Table Fan, Blue and Gold Tropical Fish, 15-Inch Tall by 12-1/2-Inch Wide
Let this charming Decorative Figurine Fan brighten your day while it keeps you cool. Made of high-quality cast metal with a gold and blue finish, this decorative fan is designed to look like a swimming Tropical Fish. Fan is 15-inches tall by 12.5-inches wide. 3-Pedaled fan blade and 30-watt copper-spun motor produces a steady flow of cooling air. Simple on/off, smooth-running operation and low -maintenance design make this a favorite. Carries a one-year limited warranty. With its decorative appeal, a Figurine Fan can easily become a permanent part of any desk, vanity, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom decor. Deco Breeze offers an innovative collection of designer portable fans with styles that provide decorative options for every room in the home or office. From desktop and tabletop to floor standing and outdoor fans, and designs for every category - fun, modern, traditional, tropical and more - Deco Breeze has a fan to meet your decorating and gift giving needs.

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Bright + breezy tropical living room: Farrow & Ball's 'Teresa's Green'
Bright + breezy tropical living room: Farrow & Ball's 'Teresa's Green'
In this Wellington, Florida living room, walls are painted Farrow & Ball’s Teresa’s Green. Interior design by Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman. Brockschmidt calls the look “Anglo-Caribbean-Florida-traditional.” He adds: “The front door opens to the living room, and when you walk in your eye is drawn immediately to the large ebonized sofa table and the overscale lantern, then to the pair of white urns—and then the room dissolves and spreads out in an orderly, symmetrical fashion.” Says Coleman: “We kept all the solid upholstered pieces to the perimeters of the living room, so the big sofa in that batik-y fabric is the focal point.” The sofa is covered in a Jasper print, Remy in blue/brown. Throw pillows pick up the coral of the dining room wall. A Gothic lantern from Circa Lighting hangs over a custom sofa table that divides the room into two seating areas. Near the dining room, a pair of upholstered banquettes are "perfect for conversation at cocktail parties," says Brockschmidt. The white resin urns, from Mecox Gardens, add a vertical dimension to the room. Photo by Simon Upton, House Beautiful.
The SHAG room
The SHAG room
Aloha! Shag paintings adorn the walls in this fun room. The Mattel sofa and chair were painted deep blue to resemble leather, and the legs have been updated. The tables, Tikis statues and accessories are made from found objects. The wallpaper is vintage wrapping paper. The plants and the mini SHAG art prints are all made by me.

tropical table decor