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Sports Theme Decor

sports theme decor
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sports theme decor - Biedermann &
Biedermann & Sons Set of 4 Sports Theme Birthday Candles, 12 Packages, Soccer
Biedermann & Sons Set of 4 Sports Theme Birthday Candles, 12 Packages, Soccer
Whatever the age of the guest of honor, these Soccer Theme Birthday Candles are sure to score a goal! Packaging of 12 sets of 4 candles - each set has 3 soccer balls and one Happy Birthday star - gives these candles maximum versatility. Put several on a cake or one on a cupcake. Save the Happy Birthday candle for a different occasion and the soccer balls make a great decoration for a team event. Each candle stands just under 3-inches tall, including the pick, and burns 3 to 5 minutes. Biedermann & Sons imports only the best quality of candles and candle accessories and has done so for more than 50 years. They care about the environment and work to preserve it by using fewer resources. Their catalogs and paper products are recycled using post-consumer paper printed with 100-percent soy based ink. They work with quality suppliers who have similar goals and they bring these products to you, their valued customers, at the best price possible.

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Vintage Themed Varsity Sports Bedding and Room Decor
Vintage Themed Varsity Sports Bedding and Room Decor
This "varsity sports toss pillow" from with some sort of cording" "beautiful to match the Varsity Sports bedding collection". Varsity Sports bedding collection is a vintage sports theme. The colors are shades of maroon, cream and blue with baseball, football and basketball players, along with various other vintage items.
Lonnie, HGTV Design Star designer, decorates this boy's room with the sports theme using baseball decor. The wall has baseball artwork, shelving, striped bed sheets, comforter, tropies, wooden floor, and leather ottoman. My nine-year-old loves this room. I am going to try to replicate it.

sports theme decor
sports theme decor
Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Set
Bring pro style to your driveway with the Franklin® NHL® mini hockey goal! Perfect for a pickup game, this goal comes complete with 2 sticks and 2 foam balls. It's constructed with rugged, high-impact plastic and features a durable polyester net.

This mini hockey set is a fun, durable way to introduce young players to the game. Measuring 28-by-16-inches (W x H) and featuring high-impact 1.25-inch plastic tubing, the goal assembles in minutes with precision-fit couplings that provide rigid durability. A durable, 900-denier all-weather polyester net with 420-denier nylon sleeve will hold up to years of heavy use. The set comes complete with two 18-inch mini-sticks and two soft EVA foam mini balls.