Country bathroom decorating ideas : Garden party decor.

Country Bathroom Decorating Ideas

country bathroom decorating ideas
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country bathroom decorating ideas - Modern Country
Modern Country
Modern Country
Modern Country by Nancy Ingram blends the quiet, simple elegance of classic country with a clean, modernist edge to create an entirely new interior genre. When classic country is infused with modern interior design, it becomes bolder. It offers a contemporary attitude, a confident feel that mixes periods, patterns, and pedigrees but embraces the element of restraint. As noted photo stylist and author Nancy Ingram says, "Mix it up and pare it down!"
Modern Country interiors are fresh and lively, with color palettes that include the classics, but combined in new ways or intensities. Monochromatic themes-restful, quiet, calming hues-come into their own in Modern Country. There are no rules-only creative ideas and the courage to blend new with old, traditional with modern, to forge a look that is inviting, warm and even whimsical.
Decorating Ideas Include:
Modern country decor
Grouping items for display
Combining vintage and modern
Rustic french style
Mixing storage and design
Modern Country Modern Country
Eight chapters cover interior design ideas for the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, laundry room and office, plus a special section on display options and shopping inspirations. Modern Country shows that by blending the best of classic country with modern themes, the hallmarks of country remain-beauty, simplicity, and that nostalgic yearning for a romantic past that characterizes the classic country look.

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Decorated G
Decorated G
This is my attempt at a decorated G. At my local calligraphy guild meeting, Erika Woods demonstrated how to make these. Erika had taken Nancy Culmone's "Contemporary Decorated Capitals" class at the Letters Mingle Souls calligraphy conference. I enjoyed Erika's demonstration very much! Part of my Colorific alphabet.
The Bathroom Wall of Merzle's 1912 House in Portland, OR
The Bathroom Wall of Merzle's 1912 House in Portland, OR
She decorated with a few postcards and many of her own photos. The subjects are places that she has traveled to around the world. Italy is one of her favorite countries.

country bathroom decorating ideas
country bathroom decorating ideas
Country Living Easy Transformations: Small Spaces and Cozy Corners
With just a little inspiration from Country Living’s successful series, anyone can turn a small and awkward space into an appealing, cozy corner.
Every home has its tiny room, oddly shaped hallway, empty landing, or other difficult-to-decorate area—but these innovative and quick approaches are the first step in turning neglected spaces into models of decorative style. The topics covered range from Themes and Collections to Perfecting Your Palette; some of the ideas are as simple as varying the sizes of objects in a display to create visual interest. Other concepts—such as creatively mixing formal and informal elements—will free home decorators from tired and dull design tenets and bring “fresh air” into any decor. Smart tips and easy, enjoyable projects help jump-start the transformation, while detailed captions for the photos and many sidebars reveal exactly how the job was accomplished.
A Selection of the Homestyle Book Club.