Donald and Tina August 2, 2003

Our life and struggles and successes to become parents...



We were married on August 2, 2003.  We had a beautiful wedding on an overcast, very muggy summer day. 

            This is our home.  We live upstairs, inlaws downstairs :(.    I can't say I regret the decision to stay here.  Staying here gave us opportunities to do our fertility treatments. 

In Feb of '04, we thought I was pregnant.  My periods had never been regular but every 2 months I'd get something.  Since I had gotten married though, they had come like clockwork every 32 days.   I waited a month and tested.  There was a second line :).  It turned out to be an evaportation line/false postive because dr said it wasn't pregnant and AF showed a few weeks later.  Cycles went way downhill after that.  We offically decided that we should start trying in April '04.  Month after month we got a negitive.  AF was showing every 50-60 days.  It was getting stressful.  We tried different positions, vacation..even just not thinking about it.  In Jan '05, we decided to start clomid.  We knew I only had one ovary and fallopian tube and the Gyno believed all to be fine.  We did clomid for 3 months, each month failing.  After 3 rounds he tells us to have an HSG.  I went for the test and found out I had something called "Hydrosalpinx".  The tube wasn't blocked just filled with this sticky serum.  Gyno said all was fine.  He told me to monitor my cycles with OPK and try timed intercourse.  He also prescribed Metformin for my PCOS.  "This will work and you will get pregnant."  Frustrated and feeling hopeless, I followed his instructions.  A few weeks later, a friend called me crying that she had PCOS and was having trouble getting pregnant.  I told her I was in the exact same boat!  She said she was seeing a dr called an Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE for short) and that he was supposed to be the best care around.  I made a call....


My RE is the young guy on the left..AW! (New Jersey magazine 2007)

On August 2,2005 (the day before our 2 year anny) we met with our RE.  He said that he would run some test but according to my history, the only thing to help us was IVF.  GULP!!  When we told him there was no way we could afford IVF, he suggested maybe doing an IUI.  Over the next several months we waited and he did his workup.  We were nervous about starting treatments.  In Feb '06, we did our first IUI.  The RE said for us not to be disappointed if it didn't work.  The chances were very slim but that I should use this opportunity to see how I respond to meds.  (IUI and meds were covered).  I took Bravelle.  I had 3 mature follies.  I was devastated when it came back negitive.   We knew I couldn't handle another BFN from a useless IUI cycle, so we took a break because we had no money for IVF.  The RE said he would keep us as an active patient and to take the time we needed.  In Feb '07 (a year later!) we made an appointment to see him.  He saw us right away.  We told him that we had saved and borrowed and were ready for IVF.  We set up to cycle in May.  In April we took  a nice vacation and came back ready.  My RE gave us Lupron, Bravelle and Menopur to take (donated meds to help with the cost) and we started our IVF cycle.  Follies would not grow.  In the end, we had 3 mature follies but could not be for certain if any would contain an actually egg.  He cancelled the IVF and instead did an IUI to see if anything would come of it.  Nothing did.  I was heartbroken.  We decided to wait a little bit, the RE refunded all of our money and we took a break.  In July we tried again.  I started the Lupron.  At my cd 3 appointment, I didn't have follies I had a grapefruit sized hemorraghic cyst.   IVF 2 cancelled!  I was miserable, heartsick and depressed.  This was never going to happen because I can't grow any follies.  Left RE and cried.  After a few days the depression wasn't going away. (I have a history of depression) I decided to head to a therapist.  I began seeing the therapist and started to feel better.  This brings us to October.  Bring on attempt #3. 

My RE explained that the first cycle, I used 20 cc of Lupron and that was too much.  It is what the usual PCOS person needs but I was unable to recover to make an appropriate amount of follies.  The second time, we only used 5, so that wasn't enough and thus the cyst grew.  The time we were using 10.  The RE also decided that I needed lots and lots of meds.   6 vials a night from the first night to finish.  I took 4 bravelle and 2 menopur every night.  Things were going great.  That is until stimming day 8.  I went in for bloodwork and nothing had grown.  Bloodwork showed no meds in my system.  RE asked me if I had been doing the meds, went over my mixing and injecting.  Found nothing wrong with what I had done.  My body had simply stopped absorbing the medication.  He said we should try the shots in my hip instead of my abdomen.  So we did.  After 2 days, they started growing again.  On stim day 12 we did the trigger.  We got 5 follies, 4 mature, 4 fertilized.  Not as much as I expected but we made it.  1 never grew, 1 degenerated on day 4 and 2 were left on day 5.  One was showing signs of degeneration, 1 was a B.  We transferred both. 


You've got to be kidding?!!?!?!?!

22 weeks

28 weeks..A sucking her thumb

28 weeks..their heads are down together :)

After everything, we are going to have two beautiful baby girls. 

Belly Pics

20 weeks

24 weeks

26 weeks


28 weeks

30 weeks

 My Baby Shower

It was a very nice surprise!


Our cake with the little babies on it

Amazing friends, amazing gifts...

Baby Stuff

Our Duoglider in Green tea.  It's basically black with a little green.

This is the crib we purchased.  We've only bought one so far.  We hoping to find a smaller one that looks similar to this one.

We registered for 1 because both babies and lay under it but we registered for another mat of a different theme that way they could both have tummy time. (we got both!)

This is the bathtub we registered for and recieved at the shower.  I love this tub.  It's in my bathroom waiting for my little ones :)

We registered for two of these.  They are papasan style, the sing, vibrate and sing and vibrate together.  They fold up flat and right now they are leaning against a wall in the living room out of the way.  Love them!


We only registered for one of these playgyms and I absolutely love it.  It is a 5 in one.  When they start standing, you flip it so that it faces up, when they can walk and sit, the green foot pad turns into a seat and they can sit and play and then the top flips over to make a desk.  The lily pad I registered for two.  One in pinnk and one in blue (they are lily pads and my theme is ducks and frogs).  I got flack for registering for something blue (for my girls) but I got them both anyway :)


My Birth Story


On Monday July 14th, I woke to do some last minute items.  My goal was to get up early, get things ready, take a nap, shower and be at the hospital at 12 pm.  My c-section was at 1pm.  I got up, washed some bottles, put some things away and layed down.  At 9, the hospital called.  I was worried that they were telling me they were changing my c section time.  I was right.  Only it wasn't later, it was earlier.  They wanted me in their now.  I couldn't take a shower.  We grabbed my bags and left.  I arrived at 10, we were put in triage where monitors were put on the babies.  My husband was given his outfit to wear and the nurses went over the procedure.  We went to the OR a little after 11.  I got my spinal and started feeling thirsty as my body went numb.  I told the anethesiologist I was thirsty and he said I couldn't have anything.  That caused a panic attack. I am panicky by nature so It wasn't a surprise.  I was told if I didn't calm down, they were going to intubate me and put me to sleep and we would all miss the birth.  That didn't help either.  Everyone started gathering around to get ready and I was told that if I didn't stop crying, my dh wouldn't be allowed in.  A nurse spoke up and said "why don't you bring the husband in".  They brought him in and I closed my eyes.  I was told I'd be given Zanax as soon as the girls were out for the stress I was feeling.  Baby A, Katherine Emily, was born at 12:39 pm, weight 5 pounds 12 ounces and was 19 1/4 inches long.  Baby B, Karly Elizabeth, was born at 12:44, weight 5 pounds 7 ounces and was 19 inches long.  Both were very healthy.  I was given the Zanax and after seeing my babies, I was stitched up.  Afterwards, I found out that Baby A had to be vacumned out and Baby B was seriously stuck.  Their cry was the sweetest thing I had ever heard.  I didn't get to see them until almost 6 that night.  I was getting so irritable that I hadn't seen or held my babies. 

On my way in


Me and my beautiful babies

Katherine Emily

Karly Elizabeth




To Be Continued....