One Year Old Girl Toys

one year old girl toys
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A Barbie Doll House For Sophie....IMG 9568
A Barbie Doll House For Sophie....IMG 9568
My granddaughter Sophie turned 3 years old on the 21st of October. This doll house I made for my three girls back in Nov & Dec 1990 as a Christmas gift. It's a three story Barbie house, counting the attic, made of wood. I also made the three beds that can be stacked on top of one another to make bunk beds, A grandfather clock (that can't be seen in this photo) and a Barbie sized china hutch. It was time to pass this doll house on to my only granddaughter. I scraped off the old paint, gave it a good sanding and a fresh coat of paint. I left the furniture I made for the house as is, just cleaned them. The house still had it's plastic furniture from the 1990's. We just had to clean them up and put it into the house. The house has 6 Barbie's from the 90's with it too. I also went out and bought two new Barbie's with furniture and accessories to go into the house. Her eyes lit up when she seen the house. I think she like it.
Girl shows the boys what is going to happen
Girl shows the boys what is going to happen
Christmas in a Children's Home. One of the girls is showing the boys what is going to happen to their hands in the next few minutes. They are going to receive a very light tap with the cane, this will forgive all the wrong doings of the past year and wipe the slate clean. If it was going to be the first time it could be frightening, as you had been told by the older boys it was going to hurt. By the second Christmas you knew different, but it could end in tears, if you wanted to try and trick the staff into thinking you were hurt, giving you the chance to get more or a better present. Seven and eight year old boys can be quite cunning when they need to be.

one year old girl toys
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