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We've been so busy working on the game, we haven't been keeping you posted on where we are at.  The pitch in San Fran was great.  We had lots of interest and positive constructive feedback. Here is what we've got going, The castle scene has been started. Two Dungeons have been started as well.  Zach, not the character, has been working on the design of one and the puzzles in it. The other, I have and the castle design. I also updated videos on YouTube and our website with latest graphics.  

This is a work in progress, especially the graphics. They change constantly so what you see may change as the development continues.

Richard Wittmann, 
BadComics Software


We had a fun and intense pitch at the Big Indie Pitch in Los Angeles.

We are pitching "Z-Hero: The Sacred Sword" at the Pocket Gamer Connect San Francisco on June 27th.

Baby Frogs 1.88 released to Google Play and Amazon Stores. New frogs possible after every level. Fixed scrolling on collection and instruction screens.

Released version 1.85 for Baby Frogs.  More stable, consistent finding of new frogs. New minor graphics and animation changes.

Released update version 1.5 for Baby Frogs. Also, release the separate new "Baby Frogs - Rush".  It is the free stand-alone mini game in the regular 1.5 "Baby Frogs" app, to give a different game feel but a taste of the Baby Frogs game without the collecting and levels aspect.

New Promo Video is released to show game play on a device

Version 1.3 Released
App Store held release because of links in the game??? Need to evaluate what to do with them.

First non-customer review: Family Friendly Gaming

Baby Frogs is LIVE on the App Store!!!!


Version 1.1 is submitted. See stores for update information.

08/29/2015 - Press Release
Baby Frogs is live on Google Play!

Baby Frogs is live on Amazon!

Added instructional video on YouTube. Baby Frogs Instructional Video (You Tube Video) 

Still on schedule to release before the end of the month. Testing says the early levels are too easy so we're looking to see if this needs a little tweak. If we do, it will be minor. We kept the first four levels easier so you can learn the game then it gets tougher. We're excited here. The business end of things are almost done.

Wow, Finally finished jumping through to confusion of setting up beta installs on the Google Play store and Amazon Store.  Crazy.  Sent my beta testers emails.  I finally got to test on Kindle.  I already have found an issue on one level but it works on Android so I'll have to get a handle on that.

So the levels are pretty much set for the release which we are hopeful for at the end of August. Our Android Beta Test site is up for our testers.
The "bosses" in the game are, in order:
Level 5: Mud with Rocks redirecting the frogs.
Level 10: A fish in an almost full screen pond.
Level 15: A scorpion and it's baby.
Level 20: A Hawk.
Level 25: All of the "bosses"

Level 25 is super hard to get to but those frogs are worth it. The collection screen is done with the first 5 series of frogs and 1 bonus series. We should get another bonus series done by release and more will come after release for free with updates.
Also, if you don't get a regular series frog after each boss, it may randomly give you a special series frog. If you've collected all the regular series, you can still collect the special series frogs.

Just pushed out the new stable demo fixing several minor bugs and allowing the first "Special Series ???" frogs to be collected.

Also, in internal testing is the new "boss"!  It looks great and is a tough level.  We may push this level to be 20 or 25 instead of 15.  

One thing that I wanted to get out there as well is that even after initial launch, we are adding more frog series as we get them done, for those collectors out there.  We also have plans for new levels as well, possibly "bonus' levels.  We have so many ideas, many will actually happen after release.

Richard Wittmann,
Oct 3, 2015, 4:00 PM