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BadComics Software
Quartz Hill, CA

Release Date:
August 2015



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.99 USD

A game designed for all ages. Kid-Friendly, Ad-Free.

Baby Frogs are cute curious creatures and love to hop, crawl & jump around but there is danger to them everywhere. Your job is to keep each frog safe, where you can see them and from dangers of hungry fish, attacks from birds of prey and just getting stuck in mud. These and many more dangers can take your baby frogs from you. Dragonflies can distract you from your task. Rocks and cattails can steer your frogs into trouble. There are 30 different frogs to discover and more to come. Collect them all!

Over 25 frogs are based on real frogs. In the collection screen you can learn more about each frog, where they are found, what score each frog is worth and what level you found the frog in. The higher the frog has for points, the more you get for a higher score. The game has an arcade style play for achieving high scores but it also has a collectible aspect.  

How it Works
The object of the game is to keep the frogs alive.  You do this by "poking" in front of a frog to scre it in the opposite direction. Swiping also works but is slower and as the levels go on, it is less effective.  Keep the frogs on the screen, don't "lose" them.  Don't let them get stuck in mud, eatten by a fish, stung by a scorpion or grabbed by the hawk.

Every 5th level is harder and lasts a full minute but if just one frog survives, you have a chance to "discover" a new frog. In the collection screen every series represents a 5th level so..

Series 1 Frogs - Found at Level 5 
Series 2 Frogs - Found at Level 10
Series 3 Frogs - Found at Level 15
Series 4 Frogs - Found at Level 20
Series 5 Frogs - Found at Level 25

There are other Series Frogs to Discover such as the Gem Series, Metallic Series and in the future, the Tech Series.
Points are based on the point values of the frogs you saved.  For the most part the high level frogs are worth more points.


Richard Wittmann, a Windows business application developer 
in the high desert in California has a water basin behind my house for catching water runoff.  During the spring and early summer it has a lot of frogs and they end up getting into my pool and he would have to "save" them.
The idea of the game started about 2013 when his son came home for the summer from college, he couldn't find a job. The family went out to breakfast one morning and were discussing the job issue when I brought up that they could make the gametogether.  This could help pay some of his college loans.  

Zachary had learned how to use graphics tools in high school and Richard knew he could do it.  Richard wasn't as good with graphics but programs for a living and knew that I could handle the coding.  Together they worked hard for many hours/weeks/months to complete the game.

  • A casual game where you save the baby frogs from dangers
  • Semi-realistic graphics (frogs, fish, scorpions,hawks)
  • Simulated movement & sounds (hopping, swimming)
  • Collection bookcase to display your frog collection
  • Retro style high score screen
  • Sound FX On/Off 


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