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Fashion Place Mall Utah

fashion place mall utah
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Fashion Place Mall Nameplates
Fashion Place Mall Nameplates
FASHION PLACE MALL MURRAY, UTAH TENANTS 1975: ORIGINAL STORES AUERBACH'S / SEARS (with outparcel Auto Center) / CASTLETONS / Spencer Gifts / Small World / Size 5-7-9 Shops / The Cottage / House of Originals / Fashion Fabrics / Disc Records / Morgan Jewelry / Jeans West / Flagg Brothers Shoes / Morrow's Nut House / Lafayette Electronics / The Keyhole / Wicks 'N Sticks / Motherhood Maternity / Schubach Jewelers / The Tinder Box Tobacconist / Kinney Shoes / Susie's Casuals / House of Hallmark / Swiss Colony / Young America Fashions / House of Fabrics / Standard Optical / GallenKamp Shoes / Lerner Shops / Life Uniform / Tie Tac / Florsheim Shoes / Stride-Rite Shoes / Fashion Place Vision Clinic / Orange Julius / GNC / Zales Jewelers / Foxmoor Casuals / Thom McAn Shoes / Rollnick's Shoes / Baker's Shoes / Anzak's Fashion Cove / Carolyn's / Waldenbooks / Roper's / USA Gas Station (outparcel) / Valley Bank and Trust (outparcel) / Makoff's Women's / Woman's World / Rug Crafters / Interior Systems / Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour / Cooper's Western Wear / Parklane Hosiery / Chuck-A-Rama Restaurant / Pant Village / Zinik's Sporting Goods / K-G Men's Wear / Coy's Restaurant / First Security Bank (outparcel) / First Federal Savings / Juliette's Intimate Apparel / Bathique / Anita Shops / Tree House / Nobby NEWER STORES THE BROADWAY / SMITH'S FOOD KING Supermarket / SKAGGS DRUG CENTER / UNITED ARTISTS CINEMAS / Air Step Shoes / Arthur Frank Men's / Bag Barn / Cameras Etcetera / Charley's / Chess King / Copper Rivet Jeans / Dahle's / Deseret Books / Fernwood's Ice Cream and Candy / Fox Photo / Gadget Tree / Glad Rags / Hammond's Toys / Hardy Shoes / Hot Dog On A Stick / Howard Johnson's / Jack Wolfe Ranchwear / Jewel Magic / KarmelKorn / Keith Jorgensen's World of Magnavox / Kinderphoto / LDS Distribution Center / Musicland / Nations Creations / Orange Julius / Pacesetter / Person-to-Person Finance / Pet-N-Garden / Scotsman Style Shop / See's Candies / Shapiro Travel Goods / Sherman Clay / Somebody's Mother / Whataburger / Winchell's Donuts
Fashion Place Mall
Fashion Place Mall
Salt Lake City, Utah - We breathed new life into an aging mall by bringing some of Salt Lake’s spectacular outdoors indoors. We started with window walls, flooding the space with new light. We softened the interior with wood accents and added an outdoor area off the food court where shoppers can sip their Orange Juliuses al fresco. Thoughtful details like special door handles, pendant lighting, and a rippling water feature lend a touch of sophistication and make Fashion Place fashionable once again.

fashion place mall utah
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