Baby Development At 26 Weeks. Music Theme Baby Bedding.

Baby Development At 26 Weeks

baby development at 26 weeks
    baby development
  • Child development stages describe theoretical milestones of child development. Many stage models of development have been proposed, used as working concepts and in some cases asserted as nativist theories.
    at 26
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Old Man Blue
Old Man Blue
When it comes to Bluebirds, for those that have spent a little time around them, we know they are special, different from other birds. They seek out the nest boxes we put up to replace the natural cavities that have been destroyed by human development. They are comfortable in our company and are curious about our activities….but most of all, we have learned they have family relationships, they trust, and they comfort us with their willingness to be near. When Bluebirds came to our property in the summer of 2007, we provided for them the few things they needed to thrive, nest boxes, clean water, and occasionally food to help them raise their babies in lean times and to help carry them through the winter. We have come to know them as individuals through the process of banding which allows us to identify them when they return. By looking back in this photostream, all can see the development of relationships between the Bluebirds and with us. The opportunities to observe, report and photograph these wonderful little birds however comes with an emotional price to be paid when they die. We reported earlier this spring that our Momma Blue disappeared, leaving 6 eggs one day short of hatching. Now our patriarch, Poppa Blue is showing signs of his age and disability. When Momma disappeared, he looked for her in every box on the property for days. He called for her, and we believe that he mourned for her loss as we did. When it was clear that she would not return, he began courting Pinky, a female that had joined our Bluebird family during the winter. We assumed Pinky was just too young to understand that he wanted her to nest and raise a brood of babies……but it turns out that she was not interested in him. She is bringing an unbanded young male with her now every evening to see if there are a few meal worms for the taking. Last week, Poppa Blue was showing signs of breathing difficulty. He wanted to roost for the night in the mealworm feeder, an unsafe place due to neighbor’s cats and other critters that would snatch him up for a meal if they could. We knew it was not a safe place for him but he thought otherwise. We thought that he would probably not survive the cold night so we covered the feeder and brought him in the house, being unable to bear the thought of this fine gentleman’s demise being from a cat or critter. At first light, he was still breathing but very lethargic. We put him back outside in the feeder and after an hour or so, her perked up a bit, ate a few worms and off he flew. The next night, he wanted to roost in the feeder again but when we approached he was not as accepting and flew away. We knew that it was far safer for him to roost in a tree than it was to remain in the feeder where he could be seen by predators. We know that his time is short but are grateful for every time he returns for food and water. He is depending on us more heavily now as it is difficult for him to forage on his own. He continues to remain in the family unit with Pinky and her new boy but not as the patriarch any longer. We know that we have given him at least a few more days of life and he has given us more love and trust than you might imagine. Despite the emotional pain, we would not change a single thing about the interactions we have had and will continue to have with these beautiful creatures……and hope that by sharing some of these experiences others take a look with a different eye at the wildlife around them. We are fortunate, lucky, and blessed to be in the company of Bluebirds. Each additional day we have with him is a gift and a blessing. ADDENDUM: 7/26 at 11:30 AM.....I am sorry to report that we have located Poppa Blue who passed from us to God during the night. We honor him and his spirit and share him with all of you, some of whom will grieve with us. Thank you for your tears in honor of our Bluebird family.
Baby on Hipstamatic tour 2011 -
Baby on Hipstamatic tour 2011 -
Amager. Couldn't get Sigrid to sleep. Walking around like a zombie that day. This is only 30 minutes before I had to pick Vigga up. I visited a new coffee bar. I had a good conversation with the owner. She was nice and sincere. - This is almost one picture per day while I was on parental leave for 12 weeks with my youngest daughter Sigrid. She sleeps in almost every picture. My aim was to document my whereabouts in this period. As you can see the pram was around town. When she woke up we would sit in a cafe and enjoy a banana and play with some toy. Eventually she learned to crawl and this whole baby development thing was very enjoyable. I got to experience a milestone in Sigrids life first-hand. Yay! Pictures are snapped with iPhone 4 app Hipstamatic, set on random. I think these filters adds an interesting glow and flare to the routine of walking. At least this made me happy. Colors in an icecold winter is always welcome.

baby development at 26 weeks
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